Anaesthesia/Critical Care

  • Pall Lipipor™ NLF Filter for Parenteral Nutrition


    • 1.2 µm polyethersulfone membrane
    • Filtration of nutrient lipid containing solutions
    • Retention of particles, microorganisms and oversized lipid droplets
    • For paediatric and neonatal care


    The Lipipor NLF offers patient protection against:

    • Particles – protecting the circulatory system against the undesirable systemic effects of particulate contamination in intravenous therapy and parenteral nutrition
    • Air – preventing air embolism
    • Enlarged lipid droplets – significantly reducing the number of enlarged droplets in emulsions and having at the same time an improved tolerance to enlarged droplet challenges
    • Microorganisms – reducing the risk of infection due to inadvertently contaminated infusates, particularly with fungi of clinical importance
  • Pall Lipipor™ TNA1E

    Air-eliminating filter set for lipid-containing nutritional IV administration.


    • Pall Lipipor 1.2 µm nylon membrane
    • Smooth housing design
    • Sterile, non-pyrogenic fluid pathway
    • Phthalate-free tubing extension


    • Removes particles and microorganisms
    • Retains oversized lipid droplets
    • Eliminates air (independent of filter positions)
    • Easy to prime and use
    • Increase patient comfort
  • Pall Lipipor™ TNA2E Filter for Parenteral Nutrition

    The Pall Lipipor TNA2E is a self-priming, air eliminating filter with 1.2 µm low protein binding Supor membrane and non-phthalate fluid pathway. It is indicated for the removal of inadvertent particulate debris, enlarged lipid droplets, fungal contaminants and entrained air that may be found in parenteral nutrition containing lipid.


    • Gravity prime and easy to use – the TNA2E filter minimises nursing time and reduces set manipulation
    • Gravity flow – can be used in applications that do not need an infusion pump
    • Low protein binding – the TNA2E filter membrane has been demonstrated to have low protein binding
    • Slim smooth housing design – is easy for patients and easy to tape in place
    • Membrane compatibility – the TNA2E filter membrane does not adversely affect lipid size distribution
  • Pall Posidyne® ELD

    Air eliminating filter designed for 96 hour particle, bacteria and endotoxin retention.


    • Removes particles
    • Reduces microorganisms and associated endotoxins
    • Eliminates air
    • Non-phthalate fluid pathway
    • Slim housing profile


    • Protects patients against particle-related risks
    • 96-hour life on filter and set reduces costs of IV therapy and minimises nursing time and set manipulations
    • Minimises air emboli
    • Suitable for paclitaxel delivery
    • Simple to tape in place
  • Pall Posidyne® NEO

    The air eliminating filter set designed for neonatal/infant applications providing 96-hour bacteria and endotoxin retention.

    The Posidyne NEO Intravenous Filter set features the 0.2 µm Posidyne NEO air eliminating filter. The ultra low filter volume enables rapid delivery of bolus medication and minimum fluid hold-up. The 0.2 µm Posidyne membrane offers patient protection against particles, microbes, endotoxin and entrapped air.

  • Pall Supor AEF Filter

    The air eliminating filter set designed for 24-hour drug delivery infusion.

    The Supor AEF Intravenous Filter Set is an air-eliminating filter indicated for use with any IV administration set for the removal of inadvertent particulate debris and microbial contamination. The 0.2 µm Supor membrane is low protein and drug binding. It protects patients against air emboli and inadvertent and particulate contamination with minimal drug binding.

  • Pall-Aquasafe Water Filter – Disposable Shower Head

    Features and Benefits:

    • CE marked medical device
    • New, innovative and validated filter membrane
    • Individually tested
    • Validated to remove Legionella spp. for up to one month
    • Easy to use on all showers
    • Provides instantaneous protection
    • Long life and high volume throughput


    Therapy areas:

    • Burns
    • Bone marrow transplant
    • Oncology/Haematology
    • Neonatal
    • Wound care
    • Intensive Care Units
  • Pall-Aquasafe Water Filter – Disposable Water Filter for Taps

    Features and Benefits:

    • Reduces risk of waterborne nosocomial infection
    • Advanced membrane technology
    • Improved retrograde protection
    • Compatible with thermal and chlorine disinfection
    • Reduces waste

    Therapy areas:

    • Burns
    • Bone marrow transplant
    • Oncology/Haematology
    • Neonatal
    • Wound care
    • Intensive Care Units
  • Parker Flex-It® Directional Stylet

    The Parker Flex-It Directional Stylet can be used for oral and nasal intubation and requires no pre-bending. Easy thumb action allows tube curvature to be continuously adjusted during an intubation. Its one-handed operation is designed to facilitate quick, accurate intubation, and it is especially helpful for intubating the most difficult airways.

  • Parker Flex-Tip® Endotracheal Tube

    The patented Parker Flex-Tip Tracheal Tube has a soft, flexible, curved, centred, distal tip that is designed to prevent trauma to the delicate structures of the human airway. This tip, which is flanked by double Murphy eyes, flexes and yields as it is advanced into contact with protruding features of airway anatomy. The centred tip tends to move along the midline of the airway and the glottic opening. The tip’s curvature predisposes it to “ski” gently along airway surfaces.

    The centred, curved tube tip lies closely against the wall of the fiberscope or introducer and minimises any gap between them which could contribute to the tube hang-ups in the larynx which frequently occur when using a tube with a standard, side-bevelled tip.

    Video Links – Parker Tube Intubation – Standard Tube intubation

  • SunMed Greenline/D – Metal, Sterile, Disposable Fiber Optic Blades

    The SunMed Greenline/D disposable laryngoscope blades solve contamination problems and eliminate the cost and time spent cleaning laryngoscope blades and returning them for use.


    • Made of surgical stainless steel
    • Suitable for every day hospital use
    • Answers the professional’s request for a non-plastic disposable
    • Perfect solution to cleaning problems confronting EMS field
    • Polished acrylic stem produces exceptional illumination
    • Used with a reusable “Green” system fibre optic handle
    • Compatible with all Green Standard fibre optic handles
  • SunMed MacIntosh and Miller Reusable Laryngoscope Blades

    Built with an integral, extra large fibre optic bundle providing more cool white light.  Integral design enables superior cleaning by elimination of cracks and crevices.


    • Integral fibre bundle
    • 303/304 surgical stainless steel
    • No cracks or crevices to trap debris; helps to prevent cross contamination
    • Cleaning/sterilisation: no adverse effects in using ETO, steam autoclaving or by soaking in Sporax or Cidex
    • Long life
    • Not chrome plated