Bladder Scanner & Ultrasound

  • USCAN – intelligent ultrasound

    The industry's first artificial intelligence (AI) driven bladder tool, USCAN extracts significantly more clinical data from a patient's bladder, while combining it with machine learning based algorithms to yield far more accurate volume measurements than the historical industry standard.

    • Intelligent – doesn't just scan, it sees, leveraging computer vision science
    • Accurate – measures bladder volume with industry-leading accuracy*
    • Intuitive – user guidance every step of the way
    • Versatile – real-time imaging of multiple organs and structures
    • Fully Covered – five year warranty with “no fine print” pledge
    • Highly reliable – no annual calibration
    • Mobile-connected – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity; EHR interoperability

    *based on comparative measurements of a phantom of known volume