• AMS Aura XP™ StarPulse Laser

    The Aura XP™ 15 Watt laser system delivers unmatched performance and steady-state reliability that can be applied to a wide range of clinical applications.

    Precise cutting and coagulation

    StarPulse™ technology precisely limits the depth of penetration, for increased control, while providing excellent haemostasis, vaporisation and cutting power.

    Unique StarPulse Technology

    Allows you to deliver a pulse width as short as 1 millisecond.

    532 nm Pulsed Wavelength

    KTP energy is highly absorbed by oxyhaemoglobin, delivering precise coagulation while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected.

    Compact Design and Quiet Operation

    Perfect for in-office and small procedure rooms and can be placed on countertop or cart.  Its compact design is perfect for the hospital, office or ambulatory surgical centre.

    Easy and Convenient Plug and Play Operation

    Standard Electrical 120vac (20amp) plug and play operation enables easy movement from one room to another and expedites procedure time.

    Solid-state reliability

    Reliable, solid-state construction sets a new standard for high performance with easy maintenance.


    Using the Aura XP, a physician can perform inner ear surgery precisely without disrupting delicate tissue surrounding the stapes bone.

    Clinical applications include:

    • Otosclerosis/Stapedectomy – the small 125 micron fibre provides precise accuracy and tactile feedback while working in tight/confined spaces.
    • Ruptured Eardrum/Tympanoplasty – the small AccuStat fibre can be used swiftly and deftly to cut or coagulate tissue.
    • Acoustic Neuroma – the benign tumour in the inner ear can be easily excised and necrosed using the Aura’s KTP wavelength


    Using the Aura XP for nasal procedures, along with less bleeding, lowers the chance of re-occurrence and less thermal damage than electrocautery.

    Clinical applications include:

    • Chrosnic Nasal Obstruction/Turbinate Reduction -chronic nasal obstruction is one of the more prevalent ENT diseases for which the Aura XP is well suited.  The Aura gives a surgeon the advantage of precisely removing diseased tissue while leaving nasal mucosa intact.
    • Chronic Sinus Polyps/Sinus Polypectomy – the Aura XP laser quickly coagulates and vaporises soft tissue lesions.
    • Tonsillectomy
    • Adenoidectomy
    • Laser Assisted UPP
    • HHT (chronic nose bleeds)


    The distinct advantage of the Aura XP in microlaryngoscopy procedures is its ability to offer precise coagulation and necrosis of selectively targeted diseased tissue while preserving the surrounding soft mucosal layer of the vocal cord folds.

    With extended pulse-width duration, the Aura XP laser can distribute laser energy over a much longer time period, leading to more uniform vessel heating and less rupture.

    A large variety of hand pieces allows precise delivery of energy along with tactile feedback and the laser is micromanipulator compatible.

    Clinical applications include:

    • Laryngeal tumours and Lesions/Microlaryngoscopy – procedures with this application include papillomatosis, laryngeal dysplasia, vocal fold nodules and polyps, and laryngeal cancer.
    • Pharyngeal Tumours and Lesions – Pharyngeal cancer destruction may be accomplished using the Aura XP laser and many procedures can be performed in a hospital outpatient or in-office setting.

    Download Aura XP data sheets:

    Aura XP Laser Data Sheet 1

    Aura XP Laser Data Sheet 2