Prostheses for Otology

  • Grace Medical ALTO Byte

    In some cases the surgeon desires a firmer grip on the stapes.  Traditional partial cups rely more on tension between the prosthesis and ear drum to accomplish ossicular continuity and thus improved post-op hearing results.  The ALTO Byte features extended legs which provide additional overall stability when placed on the stapes.  The prosthesis utilises Grace Medical’s patented ALTO adjustment system, offering a size range of 2.0mm-5.60mm.  This implant can be adjusted within this size range without being crimped.


    • Provided in ALTO Adjuster for ease of sizing
    • One prosthesis needed for each case (reduced inventory)
    • Extended legs provide additional support on the stapes
    • Minimum force needed to place or remove prosthesis
    • Titanium light weight design.
  • Grace Medical Eclipse Malleus Piston

    • Ideal for Stapes revision or Malleo-Vestibulopexy
    • Heat activated Nitinol loop
    • The precise angle when it comes to malleus attached piston needs
    • Closed loop anatomical to the shape of the malleus
  • Grace Medical Eclipse Piston

    • Complete gentle closure around incus
    • Memory only where needed
    • No movement in vestibule
  • Grace Medical Frisbee

    • 3.0mm diameter titanium disc
    • Bendable titanium flange design allows easy angling of the prosthesis if needed
    • Notched centre shaft for secure fit over the stapes crura
    • When desirable, the titanium frisbee can be trimmed for clearance of the promontory
  • Grace Medical Kraus K-Helix

    Endoskeletal Ossicular Reconstruction

    • Innovative K-Helix coil design permits universal adjustability in the OR
    • Normal anatomy such as a non-diseased incudo-malleolar joint is preserved
    • No crimping necessary
    • Kraus K-Helix piston may be used with a mobile or immobile footplate
  • Grace Medical Triune Tube

    • Three angled flanges hold tube perpendicular to TM
    • 3.0% perforation rate
    • Easy insertion with standard forceps
    • Reduced trauma to the TM
    • Soft angled flanges contour to the TM
  • Grace Medical Vincent Alto Band Total Prosthesis

    Silastic Banding Stabilisation

    • Allows reliable vertical alignment of the prosthesis with the overlying tympanic membrane
    • Can be used with or without malleus
    • Flexible silicone band placed 3.25mm from distal end of shaft
    • Band can be easily moved up or down the shaft
    • Prosthesis firmly attached to the stapes using band
    • Adjustable titanium shaft