• BARD Echo PS™ Positioning System with Ventralight™ ST Mesh

    Ventralight™ ST Mesh with a pre-attached low-profile balloon to help facilitate deployment, placement and positioning in laparoscopic ventral hernia repair.

  • BARD Perfix™ Light Plug

    Lighter weight version of the proven Perfix Plug for use when a reduced amount of material is indicated.

  • BARD Ventralex™ ST Hernia Patch

    A clinically proven umbilical hernia repair solution now with an absorbable barrier based on Sepra® Technology.

  • BARD Ventralight™ ST Mesh

    Uncoated lightweight monofilament polypropylene mesh on the anterior side with an absorbable hydrogel barrier based on Sepra® Technology on the posterior for laparoscopic ventral hernia repair.

  • BARD Ventrio™ ST Hernia Patch

    Self-expanding uncoated monofilament polypropylene patch with SorbaFlex™ Memory Technology and an absorbable barrier based on Sepra® Technology.

  • Cook® Biodesign® 8-Layer Hernia Graft

    Used for implantation to reinforce soft tissue where weakness exists.  Indications for use include repair of a hernia or body wall defest

  • Cook® Biodesign® Hiatal Hernia Graft

    Restore strength and function

    For complete and natural hiatal hernia repair, look no further than the Biodesign Hiatal Hernia Graft.

    The graft is a scaffold that restores the crura'a strength and function and is not prone to the erosion into the oesophagus that synthetic mesh can cause. Following placement, Biodesign communicates with the tissue around it, signalling the body to restore itself.

    When finished, it leaves behind healthy tissue that is strong enough to function normally

  • Cook® Biodesign® Parastomal Reinforcement Graft

    Used to reinforce or repair soft tissue in parastomal hernias.

  • Cook® Medical Biodesign® for Sugarbaker Technique

    • Reduced risk of “button-hole” hernias
    • Allow repair for commonly associated incisional hernia
    • Minimise contamination of the mesh®
  • Cook® Medical Biodesign® Parastomal Graft

    Biodesign® Parastomal Graft provides long-term strength.

    Benefits include:

    • Circular design
    • Various sizes
    • Intuitive pattern promotes ease of use
  • Davol 3D Max™

    The 3D Max Mesh is the first three-dimensional, anatomically formed prosthesis for use in laparoscopic hernia repair.  The 3D Max Mesh has been designed based on careful and precise anatomical research of the inguinal canal.  The result is a truly unique prosthesis for laparoscopic hernia repair.

    Available in Medium, Large, Extra Large, Left and Right.

  • Davol 3DMax™ Light Mesh

    The distinct 3D shape of 3DMAX Light Mesh was developed by a laparoscopic surgeon to conform to the inguinal anatomy and meet the specific challenges of laparsocopic hernia repair.

    Features and benefits:

    • Contour minimises buckling that may be seen with flat mesh
    • Design may reduce the need for fixation
    • Sealed edge and medial orientation marker facilitate accurate placement and positioning
    • Built in memory maintains shape
    • Lighter weight monofilament polypropylene mesh
    • Large pore knit provides excellent visibility