Spinal Cord Stimulation/Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

  • ANS EonC® IPG with NeuroDynamix™ Technology

    EonC is the first extended-life primary cell implantable pulse generator (IPG) that combines constant current delivery with market-leading battery capacity, NeuroDynamix™ capabilities, and enhanced therapy control in an easy-to-use system.

  • ANS Leads

    ANS’ advanced lead designs deliver electrical impulses to targeted nerves with precision. Optimum configuration options are possible with up to 16 closely spaced electrodes, which target specific nerves along the spinal cord. ANS’ percutaneous, Lamitrode, and trial leads are easy to implant, offer enhanced stability, and provide physicians increased flexibility in programming to accommodate patients’ changing pain patterns. In addition, ANS’ lead extensions are technologically superior, offering a low-profile design of soft silicone for greater patient comfort, a multi-seal chamber to ensure high conductivity and energy efficiency, and a quick connection system for ease of implantatio

  • ANS Rapid Programmer®

    Rapid Programmer is an innovative programming platform designed to simplify programming of all current ANS systems. This palm-sized programmer features an intuitive touch screen interface, which clinicians can easily navigate to create multiple programs, adjust variables, and generate pain and stimulation maps.

    With its instant-on capability and lightweight design, Rapid Programmer allows clinicians to quickly and efficiently test patients intraoperatively and to programme postoperatively.

  • Eon™ Rechargeable IPG System

    The Eon Neurostimulation System offers a broad range of options to maximise the opportunity for successful pain management. Along with an extensive array of configuration, programming, and IPG placement options, this versatile system offers market-leading battery capacity and the longest time between recharges.1-4 The Eon IPG is FDA-approved to last at least 10 years at high stimulation settings, which means patients may need fewer replacement surgeries, and it it designed to provide consistent pain therapy for virtually any pain profile.

    The Eon Rechargeable System is compatible with an extensive array of available leads. The Eon system offers both MultiStim™ and PC-Stim™ (patient-controlled stimulation) capabilities, giving medical professionals and their patients extensive control of the stimulation therapy and a wide range of options to accommodate individual pain patterns.

    • 16-contact rechargeable IPG systems
    • Highest battery capacity
    • Safe and comfortable recharging
    • Constant electrical current delivery
    • Greater Implant Depth Provides Flexibility

    As a result of its radio frequency experience, St. Jude Medical is a world leader in transcutaneous energy transfer. It has used this expertise to design a system that can be implanted deeper without compromising recharge efficiency. This provides more flexibility in device placement and minimises the potential for tissue erosion. The Eon rechargeable IPG can be implanted up to 2.5cm deep, improving patient comfort.

    High-Capacity Battery

    the Eon rechargeable IPG system features a high-capacity battery that will last at least 10 years at high power stimulation outputs.1-4 If lower parameters are used, a significantly longer device life is possible.


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