Patient Positioning

Patient Positioning
  • Elite Positioners Prone Pad

    Elite Positioners Prone Pad
    NEW! To Pressurecare

    The Prone Pad facilitates easy ventilation, and eliminates pressure on the abdomen, during long cases in prone.

    Recommended for Laminectomy procedures and surgery to the
    back of the legs.

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    The Prone Pad is made up of a 2 Layered Design

    The top layer is Slow Foam/Memory Foam
    The base is Fast Recovery Foam
    It is ergonomically and anatomically designedto eliminate pressure on the abdomen

    Designed to help prevent the occurrence ofintraoperative pressure ulcers.
    This pad successfully accommodates thefemale and male anatomy.
    It facilitates easy ventilation and circulationduring long cases in prone.
    Decreases the risk of pressure sores andtissue breakdown.
    Elite Positioners Range
    Dimensions* (Width 480mm x Length 1014mm x Height 140mm)

  • Oasis+ Universal Profile Pad


    • Made from Medical grade siloxane elastomer
    • No outer film ensures exceptional durability
    • Non-slip properties


    • Anti-Slip Properties – can be used in shallow Trendelenburg position
    • Lightweight
    • Can be re-used if cut during surgery once cleaned
    • Fully autoclavable
    • Easy to Clean
    • Helps prevent pressure sore formation

    Dimensions* (Width 520mm x Length 520mm x Height 9mm)