Theatre Safety

  • Ansell SANDEL® ErgoPlus™ Anti-Fatigue Mats

    ErgoPlus™ Anti-Fatigue Mats provide unmatched ergonomic comfort, reducing strain on the feet, legs and back during long procedures.  Made from energy-return polyurethane foam, ErgoPlus Mats absorb the impact of standing while restoring energy.


    • Bounce-back memory restores energy and reduces strain on the feet, legs and back
    • Proven to reduce spinal compression and increase flexibility1
    • Premium padding for additional comfort
    • Beveled edges help prevent tripping
    • Ideal for the O.R., nurses stations, cath labs, IR labs
    • Available in various sizes
    • Bright orange and highly recognisable


  • SANDEL Time Out Beacon™

    A bright orange cloth printed with the words TIME OUT® as a prominent reminder to implement. The Joint Commission's Universal Protocol and prevent wrong-site surgery.

    The NEW Non-Woven Biodegradable TIME OUT® Beacon is now available sterile & non-sterile through all direct and distribution channels!

    • It is distinctive in its bright orange color, easily recognizable and ideal for use as a “beacon”
    • Can be placed near the surgical site, over the instrument tray or Mayo Stand.
    • Available in disposable non-woven and disposable cotton

    TIME OUT Hood™

    A reusable, orange hood with the words TIME OUT® to be placed over instruments as a reminder of the Joint Commission's Universal Protocol.

    Distinctive in its bright orange color, easily recognizable and ideal for use as a “beacon”
    The hood can be sterilized through your facility's system
    Note: Do not use an alkaline-based detergents when cleaning this product as the solution will change the color of the aluminum


    A disposable TIME OUT® sleeve to be placed over your scalpel, on the Mayo stand, or on the back table during set up to serve as a reminder to implement The Joint Commission's Universal Protocol.

    • Distinctive in its bright orange color, easily recognizable and ideal for use as a “beacon”
    • The removable TIME OUT® Sleeve is included with the purchase of most SANDEL TIME OUT® Markers, safety scalpel handles, and safety scalpels.
  • SANDEL® DriFloor™ Absorbent Pad

    DriFloor™ Absorbent Pad Blankets and towels are an inadequate solution for spillage clean-up. Help reduce laundering costs and remove the potential for cross-contamination.

    • Helps protect healthcare workers from slips and falls
    • Can be used on the floor in your healthcare facility, under the scrub sink or wherever fluids collect
    • The fluid-proof, non-slip backing keeps the floor dry underneath the pad
    • Reduces time and improves the efficiency of cleanup, decreases costly turnover time
    • Absorbs approximately 3 litres of fluid and weighs about 8 lbs., fully saturated (33″ x 40″)
    • Available in five pre-cut pad sizes or a roll allowing you to cut the desired lengths

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  • SANDEL® Ergo-Step™ Stools

    Ergo-Step™ Stools (Sold Separately as Top or Bottom) or (Sold as a Pair)

    Light-weight, stackable step stools that provide an alternative to traditional heavy metal step stools.

    • Weight capacity of 500 lbs.
    • Anti-skid feet will keep it firmly planted
    • Interlocking feature creates a safe work platform
    • Distinctive in its bright orange colour and easily recognisable

    Cleaning instructions:
    Clean with standard disinfecting solutions for O.R. equipment or wash in the cart washer with a cycle not to exceed 140°F (60°C).


  • SANDEL® NEOX™ Safety Scalpel

    Sterile, non-weighted, disposable safety scalpels with a sliding safety sheath, designed to help prevent sharps injuries. Compliant with the European Directive on Prevention of Sharps Injuries (2010/32/EU). Available in a wide variety of surgical blade (#10, 11, 15, 21, 22, 23, 24) and handle sizes (#3 and #4). Sliding safety sheath to cover the blade and protect against sharps injuries

    • Permanent lock for safe disposal
    • Ribbed grip for enhanced tactile sensitivity
    • Rigid handle and firmly mounted blade to prevent unwanted flexibility during surgery
    • Designed for single-handed use by left or right-handed users
    • Audible click confirms that the safety sheath is in the the “pass” position or the “use” position
    • Weighs more than traditional safety scalpels
    • Graduated scale