• Cook® Rhapsody H-30® Holmium Laser System

    Used to fragment stones, as well as for soft tissue incision, hemostasis and ablation in the urinary tract. The Rhapsody H-30 delivers 30 watts of power at the fiber tip. The system has a variable pulse width to minimize stone migration and maximize tissue coagulation.

    Physicians can select from a wide range of holmium laser fibers made specifically for the Rhapsody H-30 system.

    Order Number Reference Part Number Fiber Diameter µm Comments 
     Rhapsody H-30 Holmium Laser
     G23663HL-30A 115 V. 15 amp
     G23071HL-30B 115 V. 20 amp
     G23664HL-30C  230 V. 10 amp
     Holmium Laser Radiation Warning Sign
     Holmium Laser Safety Glasses
     Holmium Laser Safety Goggles
     Stripping Tool
     G50011HLA-2120 273
    G50010 HLA-2130 365 
    G50009 HLA-2150 550 
     G50012HLA-2110 940 
     Fiber Cleaving Tool
    G50013  HLA-2100 
     Fiber Inspection Microscope
     G49750 HLA-2300