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Product Information

Lead shielding is commonly used throughout the world to define the treatment profile of kilovoltage X-rays. The use of lead however presents a serious health concern for both patients and clinical centre workers. Tungsten Carbide provides an alternative to lead that offers equivalent performance without the health and safety concerns.

AttenuFlex™ – Malleable Tungsten Carbide shielding is used in Superficial and/or Orthovoltage Radiation Therapy where a patient requires full prescription dose to the skin surface. The AttenuFlex™ acts as a lead equivalent material, placed on the patient’s skin to minimise scattering of x-ray beams to non-targeted areas.

AttenuFlex™ contacts well with a patient’s skin surface, resulting in minimal air gaps and reduced radiation scatter. It is of uniform density and thickness, reproducible to position, and does not cause discomfort to the patient in either the creation or daily positioning of the shield. The AttenuFlex™ may be sanitised as required.

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