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CIVCO® Radiotherapy Hip & Pelvic Positioning

Product Information

Patient positioning for the hip and pelvic region can be difficult due to organ motion and patient shape.  Before choosing a pelvic or abdominal system, it is important to first determine which emphasis – re-positioning or immobolisatin – is the most paramount to your setup needs.

CIVCO offers an array of reproducible positioning products designed specifically for the unique setup challenges of the hip & pelvic region.  Our carbon fiber Bellyboards provide enchanced comfort while delivering repearable displacement of the small bowel.  The HipFix thermoplastic system provides secure immobilisation for reduced intra-fractional motion.  Our industry-leading Vac-Loks and Foam Cusions aid in efficient, reproducible patient repositioning.

For further information on product and availability, access the link below to review the full CIVCO® Solutions Guide Catalogue.

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