Cook® Aprima™ Access Nonvascular Introducer Set

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Cook® Aprima™ Access Nonvascular Introducer Set

This product is used for single-puncture percutaneous access to facilitate placement of a working wire guide for interventional radiology procedures.


The Aprima Access sets Transitionless-Tip requires you to use less insertion force than standard access sets and virtually eliminates hangups during entry. The set helps provide seamless access and reduce the risk of patient trauma during your placement procedures.

Full-Length Radiopacity

The entire shaft is radiopaque, including the tip. This helps maximise you ability to visualise the introducer during placement.

Ease of Placement

The set includes an EchoTip® echogenic access needle for optimal ultrasound visibility, a Cope mandril wire guide and hydrophilic-coated coaxial introducer sheath. These components work together to ease every step of your placement process.