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Cook® Cohen Tip Deflecting Endobronchial Blocker Set

Product Information

Used for tip-deflecting, wire guided endobronchial blockade of the left or right lung for procedures which require one-lung ventilation. Balloon is low-pressure, high volume.

  • A manually torqued device with a high-traction silicone grip on the introducer shaft for precise placement into the desired airway
  • The unique deflecting tip provides a wide range of adjustments to precisely direct the blocker under bronchoscopic guidance
  • An indicator arrow on the turning wheel shows which direction the tip deflects, ensuring fail-safe access to the desired lung
  • Markings on the introducer show how far the Cohen blocker has been advanced
  • The small outer diameter preserves maximum airway volume for enhanced patient ventilation during thoracic procedures
  • The set consists of an endobronchial blocker catheter, the Arndt Multi-Port Airway Adapter and a CPAP adapter

Supplied sterile in peel-open packages. Intended for one time use.

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