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Cook® Flexor® Check Flo® Introducers – Ansel Modification

Product Information

Used to introduce balloon, closed and nontapered-end catheters or other devices.

  • Uniquely fabricated sheath design provides maximum flexibility without kinking or compression
  • .018 and .038 inch wire compatible dilators included
  • Preformed curves combined with soft distal tip allow atraumatic engagement of target vessels
  • Short dilator tip enhances trackability and facilitates positioning of introducer assembly in tight spaces
  • Radiopaque band, incorporated with sheath material, identifies precise location of sheath’s distal tip for positioning accuracy
  • The Check-Flo haemostasis valve accepts a broad range of sizes while preventing blood reflux and air aspiration
  • AQ® hydrophilic coating on both sheath and dilator provide an extremely lubricious surface, easing introduction.

Supplied sterile in peel-open packages. Intended for one-time use.

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