DUMI ManipulatOR™

DUMI ManipulatOR™

The DUMI ManipulatOR™ is a simple, safe and effective uterine manipulator injector that is used in diagnostic laparoscopic, mini-laparotomy and fertility exams. It facilitates both intra-operative manipulation of the uterus and simple hysterosalpingography.

The DUMI ManipulatOR™ combines the capability of both a uterine manipulator and uterine injector, maintaining pneumoperitoneum and eliminating the need to change instruments.

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Simple, safe, effective

  • Minimal dilation required: 4.5mm diameter cannula for easy insertion
  • Adjustable handle with centimeter markings for uterine depth accuracy
  • Uterine wall protection risk due to atraumatic distal tip
  • Dye Injection Port
  • Only One Device Necessary: eliminates need for both a manipulator and injector
  • Anatomical Balloon: apple shaped balloon for a leak free seal