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SalterLabs air-Q SP Self Pressurising Masked Laryngeal Airway

Product Information

Masked Laryngeal Airway Prevents Overinflation – Take the Guesswork out of Mask Cuff Inflation

  • The new air-Q SP eliminates the extra step and guesswork for mask cuff inflation and the potential for over-inflation.  The new design allows Positive Pressure Ventilation to self-pressurise the mask cuff. The increase in cuff seal pressure occurs at the exact time you need it, during the upstroke of ventilation.
  • On exhalation the cuff decompresses to the level of the PEEP.
  • The result is a safer, efficient, low pressure seal during the majority of the case.  The cyclical lowering in intra-cuff pressure may assist in diminishing complications such as mucosal and nerve trauma that result from over-inflating traditional peripheral laryngeal mask cuffs
  • Allows intubation like the regular air-Q
  • The SP version can be used as an “everyday” airway that facilitates intubation.

With the new Self-Pressurising, Disposable air-Q SP, there is no need to inflate the mask; it self-pressurises to the proper inflation pressure automatically.

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