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VENOSAN® 8000 – Ulcerfit

Product Information

Liner (approximate pressure at ankle 10 mm Hg, Colour: White)

  • Helps to keep the wound dressing in place
  • Smooth surface allows easy donning of the overstocking
  • High wearer comfort due to the low pressure at rest
  • Ideal for wearing during the night
  • Hygienic – washable up to 60°C
  • Available to order separately


Overstocking (Colour: Beige)

  • The highly regarded and popular VENOSAN 7000 compression stocking, also available to wear alone.
  • With SeaCell® active, the feel good fibre with algae
  • Antibacterial and fungicide, thanks to the silver content (ions)
  • Long-lasting and high stiffness (short stretch)

Stocking System (pressure at ankle 23-32 mm Hg in Ccl. II or 34-46 mm Hg in Ccl. III)

  • Optimum therapy thanks to the ideal combination of liner and overstocking
  • Simple to wear for the patient
  • Economical
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