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VENOSAN® MicroFiberLine for Men

Product Information

Ideal for Travel/Flying

Compression Socks for Men

The ultimate in softness and comfort with the healthy benefits of compression.

MicroFiberLine socks are made using space-age micro fibers for softness unlike anything you’ve felt before and compression for healthier feet and legs.

MicroFiberLine is designed for everyone who suffers from pain and swelling of the feet and legs brought about by prolonged sitting or standing. These wonderful socks are “just what the doctor ordered” for those suffering from mild oedema or slight variscosity – providing moderate graduated compression from the ankles to the calves.

MicroFiberLine socks are very fashionable and perfect for both casual and dress wear. Best of all, you’ll love the unmatched “comfort fit” of these unique therapeutic socks.

Discover for yourself the exceptional comfort and important medical benefits of these truly exceptional socks!

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