Vital Signs Pi’s Pillow™

Vital Signs Pi’s Pillow™

Pi’s Pillow creates the ideal patient position for intubation.


Pi’s Pillow is designed as a two-piece system, consisting of a removable cushion (on top) and a base (on bottom) that is very comfortable for the patient prior to induction.


The design of the pillow calls for the slope side of the pillow to be beneath the patient’s shoulders and upper back, that is, the upper edge of the base should be under the atlanto-occipital joint.

As soon as the patient loses consciousness the top cushion is removed or it is moved down according to the desired degree of head and neck extension. This stabilises the patient’s head and places the neck in the sniffing position to facilitate intubation, ventilation or insertion of a laryngeal mask.


The pillow is latex-free and made of a high grade polyurethane foam. Each pillow comes vacuum packed for ease of storage.


Available in Extra Large, Long; Extra Large, Short; and Large.