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WyCath Urethral Dilators

Product Information

Urethral dilators for home use (WyCath)

A range of urethral dilators, known as meatal dilators, have been developed to help with performing urethral dilation in the privacy of your own location.  WyCath meatal dilators are a leading brand of dilators designed to ease through urethral strictures.  The hydrophilic coating and tapered tip ease the insertion of the meatal dilator through the stricture.  Available in 4 diameters, please talk to your health care professional about the right size for you.  For more information about the meatal dilation, refer to the Urethral dilation guide and demonstration video.  Please discuss this with your doctor or continence nurse to ensure this is the right product for you.

Urethral strictures may result from a number of various reasons:

  • Recurrent infections and trauma to the urethra may lead to inflammation and scarring which in turn may cause tightening and formation of a stricture
  • Trauma to the urethra following injury of urological instrumentation
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