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Andrea Collier

Working for Obex is like extending my family. Not only do they offer a flexibility and genuine concern for me, but my family as well. There is a great camaraderie between us all – both in and out of the work place.

I am the Assistant Accountant for Obex. What that means is that I am the person responsible for a wide variety of receivables and payables and payroll functions. It also means that I assist the Finance Manager and prepare internal monthly and ad-hoc reporting.

I am a member of the Chartered Accountants – Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) as an Accounting Technician. Obex Medical supported me gaining this membership. My manager became my mentor for the final year of this process, and Obex gave me study leave and time off to attend seminars.

There is a variety of experiences and skill sets within Obex, with each team member bringing something special to the mix. Whilst there isn’t one type that would fit, as each one of us has a skill that is works as part of the whole team, a  characteristic that we all share is that Obex people care: about themselves; about others; about what they do.

Obex is an organisation concerned with people. From those that we work with and buy from right through to those whom we support and supply medical devices to, our focus is on getting the best experience for the people we affect.

This is seen as an organisation that delivers. We are highly motivated, knowledgeable and genuinely caring.

Published 1 year ago

Alisa Gray

Product Manager – Imaging/Nuclear Medicine/Oncology

My description of Obex is essentially home away from home for me. The values that come from within the company and from the people whom I work with closely align with my own. They are genuinely supportive and promote personal growth as well as business. For me, this is the win/win that puts the smile on my face when I walk in the front door..

I am the Product Manager for the Imaging portfolio. What this means is that I am responsible for the product lines within the product portfolio and the procedures they are relevant for.  Part of my role is to provide in-house product training for the sales team and to have marketing collateral available for the sales team to use and provide to their customers. I spend time in the field with customers supporting the sales team. I provide sales forecast and demand information to our suppliers. I create e-mail and key product messages on clinical papers and trials for all our customers. I truly enjoy my responsibilities and the challenges these give me.

I’m valued as an employee – Obex appreciates my clinical experience and market knowledge and they have invested in helping me fine tune my business acumen with sales coursework supplied by both the company and our suppliers. My manager has become my mentor and has provided me with access to his knowledge and expertise of which I have truly benefited from and find valuable.

There are lots of characters within the organisation which makes for some quite interesting company get-togethers! Everyone brings with them a special ingredient that when combined with others is the perfect mix for a delightful award winning recipe.

Obex is a company that cares. The care is for the patient, the clinician, and the employees. This is why I do what I do.

Published 1 year ago

Phil Scott

There is no greater sense of achievement for me than having a clinician use your medical device or implant successfully and witness a positive outcome for the patient.

I’m a Product Manager for the OR business unit, a role I was appointed to following 3 years as a Sales Consultant within the same business unit.

This position allows me to utilise the 10 years sales experience I have gained from being involved with medical devices. I still work within the OR team and my focus is with products within General surgery, Colorectal, Upper GI, Cardiac and Vascular specialties.

The Product Manager role is varied and challenging, the two components that really drive me to excel in what I do. I can be training the field sales team, setting up contracts and agreements with new or current suppliers or working on forecasts or strategies for business growth, for example. I continue to have field time to learn from our customers what is happening in the marketplace and to share with them our product developments.

The combination of determination and resilience keeps my drive and passion alive for the work I do.   I also have a desire to help others and love that feeling of ‘making a difference’ to the patient’s life. There is a great sense of achievement in having a clinician chose to use one of our medical products (sometimes for the first time) successfully and witness a positive outcome for the patient.

I have a background in international healthcare experience, and was able to ‘hit the ground running’ in Auckland and being a likeable team player enjoy the unity within the team.

I find everyone at Obex to be engaged and we are all encouraged to achieve our personal and work goals.  Recognition is forthcoming and fruitful when staff achieve their own and team success. Ultimately though, there is a feeling at Obex of one team who work very well together.

If you’re a team player who enjoys a good challenge in the workplace, you’ll find a career with Obex is very rewarding.

Published 1 year ago
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