General, Colorectal and Upper GI Surgery

  • Cook® Biodesign® Parastomal Reinforcement Graft

    Used to reinforce or repair soft tissue in parastomal hernias.

  • Cook® CDES-550-Nathanson CBDE Set

    CBDE Kit for use through a Cystic Duct Clamp under I.I or can be introduced through a 5 mm scope working channel.

    The Nathanson kit includes:

    • 5.5 Fr Catheter
    • 4 wire Basket
    • Check-Flo Adapter
    • Basket Collapsing Device [blue]
    • Pin-Vise Handle
  • Cook® Cholangiography

    Tuohy Needle Cholangiography Set

    The Tuohy Needle Cholangiography Set is designed for percutaneous access into the abdomen to facilitate close orientation and direction to the cystic duct. Diagnostic evaluation of the cystic and common bile duct is then performed during laparoscopic cholecystectomy procedures.

    Mixter Catheter

    Used for diagnostic evaluation of the bile duct, during percutaneous cholecystectomy procedures.

  • Cook® Laparoscopic Pelvic Retractor

    The Laparoscopic Pelvic Retractor is used to retract lower abdominal, urogenital or other pelvic structures during laparoscopic abdominal and pelvic surgery.

    Features and benefits:

    • Stainless steel construction with matte metal finish reduces light reflection
    • Can be sterilsed by steam autoclave
    • Available in left and right orientations
    • Is supplied non-sterile
  • Cook® LBSS-7-4 Laparoscopic Transcystic Biliary Stent Set

    Used when drainage of the common bile duct is required laparoscopically.

  • Cook® Medical Biodesign® for Sugarbaker Technique

    • Reduced risk of “button-hole” hernias
    • Allow repair for commonly associated incisional hernia
    • Minimise contamination of the mesh®
  • Cook® Medical Biodesign® Parastomal Graft

    Biodesign® Parastomal Graft provides long-term strength.

    Benefits include:

    • Circular design
    • Various sizes
    • Intuitive pattern promotes ease of use
  • Cook® Mixter Endoscopic Cholangiography Sets

    Used for diagnostic evaluation of the bile ducts during laparoscopic cholecystectomy procedures

    • Needle-stylet facilitates passage through the abdominal wall prior to placement within the cystic duct
    • Centimetre markings assist in determining catheter tip position within the cystic duct

    Sypplied sterile in peel-open packages. Intended for one time use

  • Cook® Murdoch Mechanical Arm

    The Murdoch Mechanical Arm (MMA-1000) has been designed with maximum stability and strength to securely hold the Nathanson Liver Retraction System in situ.

    With a minimum of moving parts, the Murdoch Mechanical Arm can easily be secured to the operating table rail clamp by one person.

    The Murdoch Mechanical Arm is reusable and can be sterilised by autoclave disinfected with cold sterilants.

    Please follow the link below for a Murdoch Mechanical Arm Assembly-Cleaning Poster:

    2006 MMA Assembly-Cleaning Poster.pdf

  • Cook® Nathanson Liver Retractor

    Used to fully support and retract the liver during laparoscopic upper GI surgery, enabling a better view of the operating field. Supplied non-sterile. Intended for reuse.

  • CryoLife PerClot®

    CryoLife PerClot®. A haemostatic powder that controls active bleeding in a wide array of surgical procedures.

    Safe – bioinert, 100% plant-based source; rapid absorption within 2-3 days

    Simple – off the shelf deployment with no preparation

    Effective – ultra-hydrophilic, hemostatic control

    Customised – for open and minimally invasive applications

  • Davol 3D Max™

    The 3D Max Mesh is the first three-dimensional, anatomically formed prosthesis for use in laparoscopic hernia repair.  The 3D Max Mesh has been designed based on careful and precise anatomical research of the inguinal canal.  The result is a truly unique prosthesis for laparoscopic hernia repair.

    Available in Medium, Large, Extra Large, Left and Right.