Paediatric Surgery

  • JustRight™ 3mm Vessel Sealing System

    The JustRight™ Vessel Sealing System is made up of the JustRight™ Generator and 3mm JustRight™ Sealer, and it is the only electrosurgical system on the market today that has FDA clearance for use in the pediatric patient population.

  • JustRight™ 5mm Stapler

    The JustRight 5mm Stapler delivers innovation 40 years in the making. The JustRight 5mm Stapler is optimized for pediatric patients and lessens the impact of surgery by replacing oversized, overpowered instruments in the most delicate patients. The reduced instrument shaft diameter and optimized jaw length are 9 times smaller than existing stapling instruments. This increases maneuverability and visualization in small spaces and enables flexibility in stapler port placement. The JustRight 5mm Stapler delivers the security of the gold standard B staple formation and features smooth and efficient stapling and cutting in a single, one-handed motion.