• EzyAs™ Garment Applicator

    EzyAs™ is a unique device  designed to assist in the application of compression stockings and garments.

    EzyAs™ enables a wide range of compression materials to be applied over a patient’s leg or arm without drag against fragile skin or disturbing dressings.

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  • VENOSAN® Coltex Body Adhesive

    Special adhesive for the fixation of medical compression stockings which do not have a self-adhesive band.

  • VENOSAN® Dot Gloves

    Textile goves with micro dimples.  For a safe and easier donning of stockings.

  • VENOSAN® Socks-Jet Donning and Doffing Aid

    The patented donning and doffing aid for medical compression stockings.

    It's as easy as this:

    • Place the Socks-Jet on a dry, flat surface. Make sure that the bar on the base of the stand is facing you, and that the semicircular opening in the tube is at the front
    • Pull the stocking down over the body of the tube. Make sure that the toe of the stocking is facing forwards
    • Slide the stocking down over the rim of the tube until the fabric of the heel appears at the upper rim of of the tube
    • Place the Socks-Jet on the floor in front of you. Slide your forefoot into the opened stocking. For a safer footing, hold on to a secure object
    • When your heel reaches the bottom it is correctly positioned in the stocking
    • Now pull your foot and the stocking back up and out of the body of the tube. If necessary you can stand on the Socks-Jet with your other foot to hold it down
    • Since your heel is already correctly positioned, smooth the stocking with your hands up to your knee or, with thigh high stockings, up to your thigh.

    Tip! To minimise wear and tear on your medical compression stockings, wear rubber gloves as these will prevent laddering. Make sure the stocking is not wrinkled and that the mesh is evenly distributed.

    Accessory: Doffing and donning bars. Place your foot in the Socks-Jet. Slide the stocking down over the body of the tube. Use the handles to push the clamp jaws against the tube. Carefully pull upir foot upwards out of the stocking.

    Simple for use by nursing staff, also for bedridden patients.