• 3D SYSTEMS Mesh VR (Virtual Reality)

    A  D2P module/capability that allows the operator to watch mesh files created by the D2P or imported from third parties in the Virtual Reality environment.


  • 3D SYSTEMS Vascular Module

    A D2P module/capability that allows the operator to either manually or auto segment any blood vessel of interest

  • 3D SYSTEMS Volume VR (Virtual Reality/Voxel VR)

    A  D2P module/capability that allows the operator to load the enitre scan (DICOM format) into the Virtual Reality environment without the need in prior segmentation or conversion of file into mesh.

    Scan voxels will be coloured and seen in real 3-dimensional view.

  • Cook® Murdoch Mechanical Arm

    The Murdoch Mechanical Arm (MMA-1000) has been designed with maximum stability and strength to securely hold the Nathanson Liver Retraction System in situ.

    With a minimum of moving parts, the Murdoch Mechanical Arm can easily be secured to the operating table rail clamp by one person.

    The Murdoch Mechanical Arm is reusable and can be sterilised by autoclave disinfected with cold sterilants.

    Please follow the link below for a Murdoch Mechanical Arm Assembly-Cleaning Poster:

    2006 MMA Assembly-Cleaning Poster.pdf

  • Cook® Nathanson Liver Retractor

    Used to fully support and retract the liver during laparoscopic upper GI surgery, enabling a better view of the operating field. Supplied non-sterile. Intended for reuse.