• Cook® Elson Bone Biopsy Needle Set

    Reduced Trauma

    The introducer needle incorporates a removable hub to facilitate passage of the tapered coaxial needle set
    Multiple passes into the lesion are made with the 14 gauge bone biopsy needle through the outer cannual of the coaxial needle set, reducing trauma to the surrounding tissue

  • Cook® Osteo-Site® Murphy Diamond Bevel Bone Biopsy Needle Set


    The inner stylet is ground to match the trephine tip of the depth-marked outer cannula
    The matched stylet/cannula tip maximisies cement infusion and biopsy capabilities
    The sharp diamond-beveled tip provides optimum purchase on the vertebral body

  • Cook® Osteo-Site® Murphy Side Bevel Bone Biopsy Needle Set

    Improved Purchase

    Both the sharp inner stylet and the depth-marked outer cannula are side-beveled to match
    The outer cannula is also back-beveled for improved purchase in the periosteum
    The side bevel allows the physicial to steer the needle to the desired location for obtaining the proper biopsy sample