• AEM EndoShield®

    Next-generation AEM® Burn Protection Technology

    Eliminates stray energy burns during laparoscopy…guaranteed!

    • Intuitive plug-and-play design works seamlessly with popular ESUs
    • Available as either a single-use disposable or a multiuse reposable with disposable cord, providing optimal cost savings and convenience
    • Works with Encision’s entire suite of foot-controlled AEM® monopolar instruments, with over 100 style choices
    • Reduce complications and readmissions from stray energy burns
    • 100% indemnity guarantee from stray energy burns
    • AEM Burn Protection Technology is a recommended practice of SAGES, AAGL and AORN

    Laparoscopic surgical burns kill 1-2 people every day and cause a serious complication every 90 minutes.*

    69% of unintended burns go unrecognized at the time of surgery, leading to severe complications and readmissions.*
    It’s not the technique, it’s the technology!
    Traditional monopolar laparoscopic instruments cannot prevent stray energy from causing patient burns (due to insulation failure and capacitive coupling).*

    The AEM® Burn Protection System reduces patient complications and readmissions

    • Eliminates stray energy burns (from insulation failure and capacitive coupling), improving patient outcomes
    • Saves money from CMS HAC penalties, patient readmissions, and lawsuits
    • Optimises surgical results using high-performance, AEM laparoscopic instruments

    The AEM Burn Protection System protects physicians and hospitals with a 100% Indemnity Guarantee.

  • AEM® Monitor

    For Safe Monopolar Laparoscopy

    The AEM® Monitor

    continuously monitors the laparoscopic instrument during surgery to eliminate stray energy burns caused by insulation failure and capacitive coupling. Should a potentially dangerous level of stray electrosurgical energy occur, the AEM® Monitor interrupts the power by shutting down the generator.

    The 5mm AEM® Laparascopic Instruments incorporate a layered design unique in the industry. AEM® instruments are shielded and monitored to eliminate stray energy burns along the shaft of the instrument caused by insulation failure or capacitive coupling; a well-documented patient safety risk. The protective shield built into all AEM® Instruments provides a neutral return path for capacitively coupling energy and protection from insulation failure. The integrity of the instrument is continuously monitored during surgery.

    Encision has a full line of AEM® Surgical Instruments that are equivalent in function, ergonomics, size, shape, length and tip-styles as conventional instruments… but with advanced safety from the shielded and monitored AEM® design.

    • AEM Electrodes and Scissors are available as either disposable or reusable.
    • Electrodes must be used in conjunction with an AEM Monitor.
    • Electrodes can be used with a reusable or a disposable AEM Cord.
    • Electrodes are shipped sterile and can be interchanged in the sterile field.
    • Distal tip configurations are available in 35cm or 45cm lengths.
    • Proximal cord connection rotates to accommodate easier target application.
    • No handle assembly required; electrode connects directly to AEM Cord.
    • AEM® Burn Protection System Cables are available as only a disposable.
    • Electrodes are available 10 per box.
  • Cook® Biodesign® Hiatal Hernia Graft

    Restore strength and function

    For complete and natural hiatal hernia repair, look no further than the Biodesign Hiatal Hernia Graft.

    The graft is a scaffold that restores the crura’a strength and function and is not prone to the erosion into the oesophagus that synthetic mesh can cause. Following placement, Biodesign communicates with the tissue around it, signalling the body to restore itself.

    When finished, it leaves behind healthy tissue that is strong enough to function normally

  • Cook® Laparoscopic Pelvic Retractor

    The Laparoscopic Pelvic Retractor is used to retract lower abdominal, urogenital or other pelvic structures during laparoscopic abdominal and pelvic surgery.

    Features and benefits:

    • Stainless steel construction with matte metal finish reduces light reflection
    • Can be sterilsed by steam autoclave
    • Available in left and right orientations
    • Is supplied non-sterile
  • Cook® Medical Biodesign® for Sugarbaker Technique

    • Reduced risk of “button-hole” hernias
    • Allow repair for commonly associated incisional hernia
    • Minimise contamination of the mesh®
  • Cook® Medical Biodesign® Parastomal Graft

    Biodesign® Parastomal Graft provides long-term strength.

    Benefits include:

    • Circular design
    • Various sizes
    • Intuitive pattern promotes ease of use

    Authentic German instruments, made in Germany, by master craftsmen. With over 14,800 instruments across all major specialties INKA™ are ideally positioned to look after all your instrument needs for laparoscopic instruments.


    INKA range of laparoscopic instrumentation:

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  • KLS Martin – marSeal5® Plus Sealing Instruments

    marSeal5® plus – A new dimension in intelligent vessel sealing.

    The marSeal5® plus rings in the new generation of bipolar sealing instruments from KLS Martin.  It has been systematically refined and tailored to meet the needs of users in terms of ergonomics and the ease with which it can be taken apart and cleaned – yes, the hand piece is reusable.

    The corresponding current – SealSafe® IQ is supplied by the high frequency generator maxium.  Together, they form a bipolar sealing system that converts endogenous structural proteins like collagen and elastin in such a way that veins, arteries and tissue bundles are permanently and reliably sealed.  By optimising the sealing process, sealing time is up to 25% faster.  The marSeal5® plus system features an integrated blade (singlue use) that is used to cut through tissue in the centre of the sealing area immediately after sealing.  All this without changing the instrument.

  • KLS Martin – maXium® Electrosurgery Generator

    maXium® – the unit for all applications offering a wide range of precisely regulated currents, enabling you to choose between a great number of applications, such as monopolar and bipolar cutting and coagulation.  Besides the standard current types PureCut and BlendCut, you have additional applicationspecific currents at your disposal.

    • Easy handling – perfect result
    • Plug and Play with IQ
    • Maxi-display – maximum sight
    • Always the appropriate current type at hand
    • Perfect cutting results
    • Preselection of medical discipline
  • KLS Martin marSeal5 Plus Maryland

    Multi functionality meets re-usability and cost-efficiency.

    Outstanding preparation and sealing performance are the hallmarks of the NEW reusable marSeal5 plus Maryland instrument. Consistently designed for the needs of users. The instrument allows, in addition to the sealing with subsequent tissue separation, finest preparations with minimal lateral thermal expansion. The associated current form of the HF generator maXium® measures the tissue resistance continuously and gives the user feedback as soon as the sealing process is completed. The instrument has a Plug & Play connector (IQ). The instrument is automatically recognized by the HF generator maXium® when plugged in.

    Depending on the procedure, the marSeal5 plus Maryland is available with different working lengths.

    • 37 cm for laparoscopic standard procedures
    • 45 cm for obese patients*
    • 20 cm for open interventions*

    The marSeal5 plus Maryland offers a variety of uses.

    *These lengths of the Maryland jaw will be available September 2019 

  • Pall LaparoShield Laparoscopic Smoke Filtration System

    The Risks of Surgical Smoke

    • Surgical smoke is generated from the burning of proteins and lipids in tissue by laser and electrocautery equipment.
    • Surgical smoke contains potentially hazardous chemicals, particles, viable cells and viruses.

    The Pall LaparoShield allows safe and rapid evacuation of smoke throughout the surgical procedure.