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JustRight™ 3mm Vessel Sealing System

Product Information

The JustRight™ Vessel Sealing System is made up of the JustRight™ Generator and 3mm JustRight™ Sealer, and it is the only electrosurgical system on the market today that has FDA clearance for use in the pediatric patient population.

JustRight 3mm Sealer

The JustRight Sealer is a multi-function instrument just-right for general and pediatric surgery where access to surgical sites with adult-size technology is limited. As the world’s smallest vessel sealing instrument, the 3mm JustRight Sealer’s short seal times and less than 1mm thermal spread make it ideal for procedures requiring precision. The 3mm JustRight Sealer enables dissection, secure grasping, and sealing of and vessels up to and including 5mm in diameter.

The ergonomic handle design and curved, Maryland-style jaw allow dual actuation, a feature that significantly improves dissection capability as opposed to the single-jaw actuation found in most competitive devices. The instrument is 4 times smaller than existing devices, which enhances visibility, provides greater access in confined spaces, and does not require deviation from standard surgical technique.

Product Name JustRight™ 3mm Sealer
Product Code OPT-RR-SE20
Jaw Design Curved Maryland-Style
Jaw Length 10 mm
Shaft Length 20 cm
Shaft Diameter 3 mm

JustRight Generator

Designed with pediatric patients in mind, the JustRight Generator’s low-power bipolar output delivers 25 watts of controlled energy. This results in less than 1mm thermal spread and short sealer times, ensuring safety and precision in the smallest of patients. Now you can operate around delicate tissue and fine structures with confidence, achieving the desired clinical effect with minimal thermal spread or tissue charring.

Product Name JustRight™ Generator
Product Code OPT-JR-100
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