Male Health

  • Artificial Urinary Sphincter ZSI 375

    The Artificial Urinary Sphincter ZSI 375 PF is a long-term implantable medical device, designed to correct urinary incontinence secondary to an intrinsic urinary sphincter deficiency.  This artificial sphincter is comprised of a cuff connected by kink-resistant tubing to a pump.  The cuff is placed around the urethra and a pump is placed in the scrotum.


    • ready to be implanted, no preparation required
    • pre-connected
    • pre-filled with saline solution
    • adjustable cuff from 4 to 6cm
    • cuff closure with buttons
  • Penile Implants ZSI 475 & ZSI 100

    Zephyr Surgical Implants is a European manufacturer and worldwide distributor of implants and prosthesis used to solve urological male and female issues.

    Inflatable Penile Implant ZSI 475

    The inflatable penile implant ZSI 475 is designed to treat erectile dysfunction.  The device is composed of two inflatable cylinders connected to a manual pump and a reservoir.  The cylinders are implanted in the corpus cavernosa.  The pump is implanted in the scrotum and the reservoir is implanted in the pelvis.


    • implant designed for corpus cavernosa from 12 to 24cm
    • inflatable parts of 13cm, 16cm with extensors and 19cm are included in the kit
    • PVP coated

    Malleable semi-rigid Penile Implant ZSI 100

    The ZSI 100 malleable penile prosthesis has been designed to give comfort when the penis is in a regular position.  It is made of 2 cylinders of Nusil Silicone and an inner plate cable reinforced to bring the best quality on long-term use.


    For corpus cavernosa from 120 to 250mm:

    •  maximal length: 250mm
    • minimal length (after cutting): 120mm