Trans-Vaginal Access & Uterine Manipulation

  • DUMI ManipulatOR™

    The DUMI ManipulatOR™ is a simple, safe and effective uterine manipulator injector that is used in diagnostic laparoscopic, mini-laparotomy and fertility exams. It facilitates both intra-operative manipulation of the uterus and simple hysterosalpingography.

    The DUMI ManipulatOR™ combines the capability of both a uterine manipulator and uterine injector, maintaining pneumoperitoneum and eliminating the need to change instruments.

  • The McCartney Tube™

    The McCartney Tube™ is a unique single use device that enables surgeons to perform hysterectomies and other gynecological procedures laparoscopically.

     The special design of the instrument facilitates improved visualization and reduces tumour seeded contamination risks during removal.

     The soft curvature acts as a safe guide during sectioning of the uterus and ensures no trauma to the tissue, whilst the airtight valves prevent loss of pneumoperitoneum after colpotomy.

     The Tube can also be used as a conduit for removing specimens during surgery. Additionally, the Tube provides a convenient entry for needle and suture into the pelvis for fast and simple suturing of the vaginal vault.

  • Uterine ElevatOR PRO with OccludOR Balloon™

    The Smart Way to Elevate the Uterus and Maintain Pneumoperitoneum

    The Uterine ElevatOR PRO with OccludOR Balloon™ is an easy-to-use uterine manipulator that maintains pneumoperitoneum and exposes the patient’s pelvic anatomy for better definition and optimal access to surgical landmarks during laparoscopic and robotic hysterectomies.

    Its curved design aligns to the angle of the sacral curve allowing for gentle insertion and its stiffer shaft enables a more effective manipulation of larger uteri. When applying celphalad pressure, the Uterine ElevatOR PRO with OccludOR Balloon™ delineates the vaginal fornices and clearly displaces the ureters, creating a safe operative margin for the colpotomy incision. Pneumoperitoneum is maintained throughout the procedure with the OccludOR Balloon™ filled with up to 60cc of saline or air.

    The Uterine ElevatOR PRO with OccludOR Balloon™ is available in four cervical cups sizes to accommodate varied anatomy.