Leg Therapies

  • Cook® Advance ATB® PTA Dilatation Catheter

    ATB Advance PTA Dilatation Catheters have been designed for percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of lesions in peripheral arteries including iliac, renal, popliteal, infrapopliteal, femoral and iliofemoral, as well as obstructive lesions of native or synthetic artriovenous dialysis fistulae. The ATB Advance PTA Dilatation Catheter is also intended for postdilatation of balloon-expandable peripheral vascular stents


    Soft balloon shoulder provides easier insertion and removal, while Ultra-Push shaft provides enhanced trackability.


    Advance’s enlarged lumen decreases inflation and deflation times and helps maintain a consistent diameter throughout a working range of pressures.


    With radiopaque gold markers and a short tapered tip specially designed for confined spaces, Advance provides dependable, accurate placement.

  • Cook® CrossCath™ Support Catheter

    CrossCath Support Catheters are single-lumen intravascular catheters designed to support a wire guide during access of vasculature, allow for exchange of wire guides, and provide a conduit for the delivery of saline solutions or diagnostic contrast agents. CrossCath also features:

    • Three highly radiopaque platinum-iridium markers to aid in estimating lengths within the vasculature
    • Hydrophilic coating (on distal 40cm for two smaller sizes and on distal 60cm for largest size) for smooth advancement
  • Cook® Flexor® Ansel Guiding Sheath

    Track and treat with confidence

    Real manoeuvrability:

    • Developed for reliable kink resistance
    • Hydrophilic coating smooths access
    • Soft-tipped dilators enhance trackability

    Flexor Ansel:

    • Many include .018″ and 0.38″ compatible dilators
    • Straight, multipurpose, renal double and cobra curves available
    • Features multiple lengths and sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 Fr

    High-Flex Ansel

    • Stiffer shaft designed for improved pushability
    • Softer, flexible dilator for unique trackability
    • Straight and multipurpose curve options
    • Available in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 Fr sizes in various lengths
  • Cook® Micropuncture® Pedal Access Set

    Expand your access options with the first dedicated pedal artery access set

    Dedicated Set:

    Set includes, in addition to a 0.18 inch nitinol wire guide and haemostasis valve, components engineered to increase control while gaining retrograde infrapopliteal access

    • 21 gauge, 4cm echogenic needle
    • 7cm Micropuncture introducer

    Dual-Function Introducer:

    Supplied Check-Flo haemostasis valve attaches directly to the Micropuncture introducer, allowing it to be used as an interventional introducer with a 2.9 Fr inner diameter.

    Access Solution:

    Complete your retrograde infrapopliteal approach with these complementary technologies:

    • Approach® CTO Microwire Guide
    • Approach Hydro ST Microwire Guide
    • 2.6 Fr CXI Support Catheter
  • Cook® Shuttle Select® Carotid Artery Access System

    By combining the patented Flexor® Shuttle Select guiding sheath with the unique Slip-Cath selective catheter, Cook has created the ultimate carotid artery access system. The Shuttle Select System pairs a selective catheter with a specially designed guiding sheath in order to expedite sheath introduction through minimised device exchanges during carotid artery access

    Tuohy-Borst Haemostasis Valve

    Tuohy-Borst manual-adjusting valve seal permits unimpeded catheter or device introduction. closed valve position prevents blood reflux, air aspiration and movement of positioned device.

    Slip-Cath Selective Catheter

    • Nylon catheter construction with stainless steel braiding provides superior torque control
    • Beacon® enhanced radiopaque tip iffers optimal visualisation of catheter tip during manipulation
    • AQ® hydrophilic coating on the distal 60cm facilitates introduction and selective vessel engagement

    Flexor Shuttle Select Guiding Sheath

    • Patented Flexor sheath design provides maximum flexibility without kinking or compression
    • Stiffened proximal shaft design enables superior pushability and support for devices
    • Atraumatic tip with unique transition zone reduces vessel trauma
    • AQ® hydrophilic coating on the distal 50cm dramatically reduces friction during introduction and manipulation
    • Distal radiopaque band identifies precise location of tip for positioning accuracy.
  • Cook® Shuttle® Tibial Infrapopliteal Access System

    Expanding the Flexor Shuttle in smaller diameters and longer lengths increases the potential of this fantastic technology. Pairing it with specially designed coaxial Slip-Cath Catheters simplifies access while minimising device exchanges.

  • Cook® Zilver PTX System

    NEW Zilver PTX®  Drug-Eluting Peripheral Stent System Single-handed Thumbwheel.

    • Five lengths including new 120mm
    • Now with streamlined packaging 25% smaller box
    • New simple deployment