Dilation and Occlusion Balloons

  • Cook® Balloon Ureteral Dilator

    Used for ureteral dilation prior to ureteral stone manipulation or ureteroscopy, as well as dilation of the intramural ureter. Radiopaque markers are placed at the proximal and distal ends of the balloon. A special pin-vise handle is included to stabilise the wire guide during introduction.

    Set includes balloon catheter and wire guide.

  • Cook® Ultraxx™ Nephrostomy Balloon

    The Ultraxx Nephrostomy Balloon is used to dilate the musculofascial tract and renal capture establishing a nephrostomy tract during a percutaneous procedure. For access the UIltraxx balloon has a short transitional taper from the balloon to the catheter shaft at the tip. This short tip provides close approximation of the dilating tract to the surgical site, enhancing access to difficult stone impacted calyces.

    Platinum bands provide maximum radiopacity to endure precise balloon dilation positioning in even the most demanding cases. Balloon has a 20 atmosphere-rated burst pressure.

    Set includes balloon catheter, sheath and inflation device.

  • Cook® UPJ Occlusion Balloon Catheter 6Fr

    Used to temporarily occlude the ureteropelvic junction to prevent stone fragments from entering the ureter during percutaneous lithotripsy and for injection of contrast medium. The removable inflation/injection adapter allows the cystoscope to be removed after the catheter is in place.

  • Urotonic OPTILUME Drug-Coated Urology Balloon

    An exciting, minimally invasive urethral stricture treatment, the Optilume drug-coated balloon was developed in response to severe patient and physician dissatisfaction with current stricture solutions. This proprietary technology combines balloon dilation and drug delivery and is well-tolerated by patients.  Rapid uptake of the highly lipophilic drug, paclitaxel, limits hyperactive cell proliferation and the fibrotic scar tissue generation that results in stricture recurrence.