Embryo Transfer

  • Cook® Flushing Catheter

    Used for the instillation of liquid or medium. Features:

    Sideport design allows directional control of flushing medium
    An adjustable silicone positioned can be preset for appropriate depth

  • Cook® Non-Toxic Syringe

    Non-toxic syringe for use in embryo transfer.

  • Cook® Sydney IVF Embryo Transfer Catheter Set

    Used for the atraumatic transfer of embryos to the uterine cavity. Features:

    Pre-curved guiding catheter facilitates catheter insertion
    Atraumatic bulb tip eases passage through cervix
    Microvol® technology reduces medium volume required for embryo transfer
    Cervical stop comes set at 4 cm with additional stop at 5 cm

  • Cook® Transmyometrial Embryo Transfer – Towako Set

    Used in conjunction with a transvaginal ultrasound transducer to place embryos into the endometrium or uterine cavity. Features:

    Needle design provides enhanced visualisation of the needle tip when used with ultrasonic imaging equipment
    The 2.0 Fr Transfer Catheter exits the needle bevel 1 mm when hubs are firmly pressed together