• Cook Bakri® Postpartum Balloon with Rapid Instillation

    Used to provide temporary control or reduction of postpartum uterine bleeding when conservative management is warranted.

    Can be used following vaginal or cesarean delivery.  Includes rapid instillation components to facilitate inflation of the balloon.  May be used with B-lynch compression sutures if clinically warranted.

    Is constructed of latex-free silicone.  Includes a 60mL syringe, a dual check valve, and 180cm of tubing with attached bag spike.

    See procedural animation video:

    Bakri Postpartum Balloon procedural animation

  • Cook Harrison Foetal Bladder Stent Set

    Used in fetal urinary tract decompression following the diagnosis of foetal postvesicular obstructive uropathy in fetuses of 18 to 32 weeks gestational age.

    • EchoTip® technology enhances the visualisation of the needle tip under ultrasound
    • Usable length between pigtails is 1.5-3.5 cm
  • Cook® Cervical Ripening Balloon with Stylet

    Used for mechanical dilation of the cervical canal prior to labour induction at term when the cervix is unfavourable for induction.

    • Does not require traction
    • Creates steady pressure on the internal and external os throughout the dilation process
    • Allows for a completely mechanical dilation method
    • Includes a stylet to facilitate placement



  • Cook® Disposable EchoTip® Amniocentesis Needles

    Used for aspiration of fluid from the amniotic sac.

    • EchoTip technology enhances the visualisation of the needle tip under ultrasound
    • Needles with a distal sideport aid in fluid aspiration if the needle becomes clogged with debris
  • KLS Martin – marSeal5® Plus Sealing Instruments

    marSeal5® plus – A new dimension in intelligent vessel sealing.

    The marSeal5® plus rings in the new generation of bipolar sealing instruments from KLS Martin.  It has been systematically refined and tailored to meet the needs of users in terms of ergonomics and the ease with which it can be taken apart and cleaned – yes, the hand piece is reusable.

    The corresponding current – SealSafe® IQ is supplied by the high frequency generator maxium.  Together, they form a bipolar sealing system that converts endogenous structural proteins like collagen and elastin in such a way that veins, arteries and tissue bundles are permanently and reliably sealed.  By optimising the sealing process, sealing time is up to 25% faster.  The marSeal5® plus system features an integrated blade (singlue use) that is used to cut through tissue in the centre of the sealing area immediately after sealing.  All this without changing the instrument.

  • KLS Martin – maXium® Electrosurgery Generator

    maXium® – the unit for all applications offering a wide range of precisely regulated currents, enabling you to choose between a great number of applications, such as monopolar and bipolar cutting and coagulation.  Besides the standard current types PureCut and BlendCut, you have additional applicationspecific currents at your disposal.

    • Easy handling – perfect result
    • Plug and Play with IQ
    • Maxi-display – maximum sight
    • Always the appropriate current type at hand
    • Perfect cutting results
    • Preselection of medical discipline