• Cook® Formula™ 418 Biliary Balloon Expandable Stent

    Low profile, high performance

    The Formula 418 biliary balloon expandable stent system has one of the lowest crossing profiles of any balloon expandable stent worldwide. It delivers superior performance by combining its ulta-low profile and accurate placement with no stent shortening and minimal balloon overhang.

    Unique Stent Cell Design and Delivery System

    • Stent design has in-line tie bars connected to adjacent cells to prevent shortening and resist fish scaling
    • U-shaped struts provide stent flexibility and support and resist fish scaling
    • Non-shortening stent design and customised balloon lengths minimise balloon overhang
    • Optimised shaft lumen for superior balloon inflation and deflation times

    Superior Low Crossing File

    • Crossing profile lower than that of all stainless steel and most cobalt chromium balloon-expandable biliary stent systems.*
    • Tapered tip for enhanced crossability

    Excellent Stent Conformability

    • More crowns in stent design may provide better wall apposition
    • Unique cell design increases flexibility and provides conformability

    Accurate Placement

    • Non-shortening stent cell design for on-target placement
    • Stent ends placed on balloon markers provide a reliable visible reference for accurate stent placement under challenging conditions
  • Cook® Formula™ Renal Balloon Expandable Stent

    Indicated for use in patients with atherosclerotic disease of the renal arteries following suboptimal percutaneous transluminal renal angioplasty (PTRA) of a de novo or restenotic lesion (≤ 18 mm in length) located within 10 mm of the renal ostium and with a reference vessel diameter of 4.0-7.0 mm. Suboptimal PTRA is defined as ≥ 50% residual stenosis, ≥ 20 mm Hg systolic or ≥ 10 mm Hg mean translesional pressure gradient or flow-limiting dissection.

    • No stent shortening.
    • Excellent stent conformability.
    • Minimal balloon overhang.
    • Stent made of 316L stainless steel with a slotted tube configuration.
    • Recommended 5.0 Fr sheath/6.0 Fr guiding catheter for 4-6 mm diameter stents and 6.0 Fr sheath/7.0 Fr guiding catheter for 7 mm diameter stents.
    • Over-the-wire delivery system.
    • Accepts .018 inch diameter wire guide.

    Supplied sterile in peel-open packages. Intended for one-time use.

  • Cook® Zilver 635® Biliary Self-Expanding Stent

    The Zilver 635 Biliary Self-Expanding Stent and its set components are ideal tools, including a stent with high radial force and patency, a 40cm delivery system that is specifically designed for biliary procedures and a wide variety of accessory products, ensuring that you will always have the right device for your situation.®

    • Precision
    • Strength and flexibility
    • Reliability
  • Cook® Zilver PTX System

    NEW Zilver PTX®  Drug-Eluting Peripheral Stent System Single-handed Thumbwheel.

    • Five lengths including new 120mm
    • Now with streamlined packaging 25% smaller box
    • New simple deployment


  • Cook® Zilver® Flex™ 35 Vascular Stent

    Next generation linear cell stent design decreases the axial fatigue resistance to double that of leading industry competitors.*

    Stable Deployment

    Zilver Flex’s linear cell stent design provides stable deployment by minimising elongation and twisting that can lead to stent fractures.

    Fracture Resistant Surface

    Zilver Flex is painstakingly electropolished to Cook’s industry leading standards, eliminating the imperfections that can lead to stent fracture.

    SFA Balanced Design

    Zilver Flex is prospectively designed for the dynamic anatomy of the SFA with an ideal balance of flexibility and strength that ensure maximum durability. Superior axial flexibility for the compression that occurs during hip flexion and knee bending. Superior torsional flexibility for the twisting forces present in the SFA. Zilver Flex’s tight bending radius greatly reduces the likelihood of problematic stent kinking in the SFA.

    Available in 80cm and 125cm delivery systems.

  • Cook® Zilver® PTX® Drug Eluting Peripheral Stent

    Now available in 6Fr, this combination therapy has been proven in complementary randomised and single-arm clinical trials. The randomised trial proves Zilver PTX achieves a 50% reduction in restenosis at two years compared with Zilver bare metal stenting*.

    The mechanical therapy provided by Zilver PTX counteracts acute recoil to maintain patency.

    • Linear-cell stent design delivers stable on-target deployment
    • Meticulous electropolishing provides superior fracture resistance
    • Strength and flexibility are balanced for exceptional stent durability in the dynamic anatomy of the SFA.

    Zilver PTX’s drug therapy prevents cell proliferation for the life of the cell while eliminating the risk associated with polymers.

    • PTX is hydrophobic, so wash-off is minimal
    • Because PTX is also lipophilic it attaches to the lipids in the vessel walls
    • Angioplasty can cause vessel trauma that leads to cell division and restenosis. PTX is antiproliferative, blocking this cell division to maintain patency.
    • Zilver PTX performs very well in those patients with challenging instent restenosis and also diabetics.
    • * Zilver PTX had a primary patency of 74.8% when compared with PTA.

    To access information to the clinical data that was recently released showing that the Zilver PTX Stents maintained their safety and efficacy af four years, please link here

  • Cook® Zilver® Vena™ Venous Self Expanding Stent

    Venous Indication

    Flexible, self-expanding nitinol stent intended to treat symptomatic venous outflow obstruction in the iliofemoral veins.

    Precise Positioning

    • No clinically significant stent foreshortening
    • Available in 14 and 16mm diameters and 60,100 and 140mm lengths

    Strong Radial

    Force Provides uniform radial force from end to end.

    Other Features:

    • Flexibility and kink resistance of proven Zilver technology
    • Compatible with 7 Fr sheaths/9 Fr guiding catheters
    • Deployed via 80 and 120cm delivery systems
    • Four gold markers on each end
    • Preloaded in a Flexor Introducer