Sealant/Adhesive Products

  • BARD Progel™ Pleural Air Leak Sealant

    Progel™ is a specialised product designed with a unique combination of strength, flexibility and adherence that allows it to expand and contract with the lung during respiration.

  • CryoLife BioGlue®

    BioGlue is a protein based surgical adhesive and sealant, used in cardiac, thoracic and vascular procedures. BioGlue strengthens friable tissue, seals staple/suture lines and is used to adhere dissected tissue layers in repair of a false lumen. BioGlue may also be used with extension tips for thoracoscopic work.

  • CryoLife® BioFoam®

    This adherent mixed-cell foam enhances haemostasis by providing a mechanical barrier to decrease blood flow and pores for the blood to enter, leading to cellular aggregation.

    • Remains a flexible and pliable hydrogel foam  after polymerisation
    • Biodegradable and Biocompatible
    • Off the shelf and ready to use in seconds, with no preparation or mixing required
    • Aids in the achievement of haemostasis in oozing areas that may be problematic to control using standard methods of repair with no manual compression required
    • Begins ploymerising immediately on application, adhering to the target site
    • Flexible  and conforms to irregular tissue.  Over 3 times stronger than fibrin sealants2.
    • The only dual action Haemostat and Sealant
    • Controlled  delivery and expansion to assist with placement in difficult to access spaces