Implantable Pacing Leads

  • Oscor® MP Epicardial Suture-On Pacing Leads

    Implantable epicardial pacing lead for permanent stimulation of the myocardium. The MP lead series can only be used during open heart surgery and is available in unipolar or bipolar versions. The specially designed curved thoracic needle allows for the easiest possible epicardial lead placement. The silicone butterfly flanges located on each distal lead tip may be sutured on epicardially to prevent dislodgement.

  • Oscor® Petite™ Fixation Bipolar Pacing Lead

    The Petite lead represents Oscor’s latest generation of permanent implantable cardiac pacing leads. The revolutionary design og the Petite lead enables a minimal lead body diameter while maintaining maximum reliability. Available in both straight and pre-formed J configurations, Petite leads are ideal for either ventricular or atrial placement. With a lead body diameter of 4.8F and the ability to pass through a 7F introducer, the Petite lead is one of the thinnest bipolar endocardial pacing leads available today. The uniquely designed fixation tines allow for safe and easy fixation of the lead and maximise stability in the heart.

  • Oscor® Physique® Retractable Active Fixation Lead

    The Physique lead represents Oscor’s next generation of small profile endocardial permanent pacing leads with extendable/retractable active-fixation helix. With a lead body size of only 4.8F and a lead tip size of 7F, the Physique lead is the smalles extendable/retractable bipolar pacing lead available today.

    Physique Active Fixation Lead Features

    • Straight and pre-formed J configurations available for ideal placement in the ventricle or atrium
    • Helix (1.5mm) allows for easy fixation of the screw in the myocardium
    • Hexafilar coil consists of two conductors connected to the anode and two conductors connected to the cathode
    • Each set of conductors are separated by a passive, non-electrically active filar for additional safety
    • Polyurethane outer insulation is highly reliable for long-term implantation while maintaining lead flexibility
    • The distal portion between the cathode and anode is highly flexible to help prevent perforation of the myocardium
    • Equipped with four side-view holes which are clearly visible under fluoroscopy when the screw is fully extended