Adult Cardiac Surgical Instruments

  • Genesee Adult Curved Atrial Rakes

    See beyond the curve with new curved atrial rakes.

    Expanded Exposure
    • Curved atrial rakes for Genesee Biomedical Adult Sternal Retractor
    • Less obtrusive, provides optimal exposure curving out of the field of visibility
    • Interchangeable rakes combined with ball clamps and H bar produce excellent tissue exposure
    • Unique shapes of ball and pillar clamps reduce risk of suture sagging
  • Genesee Adult Curved Sternal Retractor

    Multi-purpose Retrator for Valve Repair or Replacement and On or Off-Pump CABG

    Innovative Design:

    • Unique rack design opens with a gently curved radius, optimising exposure with minimal trauma to the chest and ribcage
    • Anatomic curved shape distributes opening pressure differentially on the sternum
    • Pivoting blades equalise pressure points across the sternum

    Versatile System:

    • Unique ball clamps, H bar mounting rods and pillar clamps provide fast set up
    • Interchangeable rakes provide excellent exposure and ease of use
    • Chamgeable blades allow for individual patient anatomy

    Minimises Patient Injury:

    • Curved rack with hinged arms hug patient’s body unobtrusively
    • Deep or standard minimally invasive blades optional
    • Optimal platform for off-pump procedures
  • Genesee Anastomark® Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Markers

    Designed for radiographic visualisation during post-op studies.

    Clinical benefits:

    • Quick and easy implantation
    • Clear. unmistakable images
    • Benefits also include reduction in fluoroscopy time, contrast media required and angiographic catheters required (Eisenhauer et al: Beneficial impact of aorto-coronary graft markers on post-operative angiography. Cathet Cardiovasc Diag 40:209-252 1997)

    Flexible Silicone Proximal Rings

    • Implantable grade impregnated silicone
    • Dark colour is easy to locate during re-op

    Stainless Steel Distal Rings

    • Implantable grade MRI-safe stainless steel
    • Optional holder for ease of handling
  • Genesee AVATR Minimally Invasive Adult Retractor

    AVATR Adult Retractor with Interchangeable Blades and Atrial and Aortic Rakes
    Multipurpose Retractor  for Minimally Invasive Approaches.
    Streamlined design for multiple approaches:
    • Left thoracotomy and redo CABG
    • Midline sternotomy in small adults
    • Atrial and Aortic rakes are available for improved exposure.
  • Genesee Hamman Minimally Invasive Retractor

    Uniquely designed for low profile minimally invasive exposure
    • Interchangeable blades produce excellent exposure for valve replacement or repair
    • Uniquely shaped ball and pillar clamps prevent suture sagging
    • Features inlayed low-profile disposable suture retainers for ease of use.
  • Genesee Heart Lift® Tools for Cardiac Surgery

    Heart-Lift Tools to Retract, Protect and Insulate

    Heart-Lift Cardiac Retraction Glove

    • Firmly manipulate, rotate and retract the heart for circumflex artery exposure
    • Radiopaque string sewn right into glove cuff

    Heart-Lift Cardiac Retraction Sling

    • Easy insertion provides access to the circumflex coronary artery and clear view of epicardium

    Heart-Lift Cardiac and Phrenic Insulator

    • Unique shape provides insulation to lateral and posterior walls of heart and phrenic nerves
    • Radiopaque malleable stiffener adds ease in positioning and retention
  • Genesee Intra-Art® Coronary Artery Occluder

    • Prevent haemorrhage in patients with collateral coronary circulation or when warm cardioplegia is used
    • Improves exposure of the coronary artery during anastomosis
    • Bullet shape tips for gentle but firm insertion
    • Variable separation of occluder tips enhances versatility
    • Monofilaments resist needle damage
    • Available in four sizes: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm
  • Genesee LocNess® Tissue Stabilisation System

    The LocNess re-usable articulating arm offers substantial savings versus single use disposable devices by greatly reducing cost per procedure.

    Versatile System:

    • Multi-functional knob locks arm into rigid position and holds epicardial stabiliser feet in a firm lock-tight position
    • Stabiliser is designed to be used with a variety of attachments for on and off pump procedures and valve surgery
    • Universal mount allows LocNess to be attached to any sternal retractor
  • Genesee MINIMAX Minimally Invasive Adult Retractor

    MINIMAX Adult Retractor with Interchangeable Blades

    Multipurpose Retractor for Minimally Invasive Approaches
    Streamlined design:
    • Hinged arms equalise pressure points across the incision
    • Changeable blades allow adjustment for individual patient anatomy
    Minimally Invasive Approaches:
    • Deep or standard minimally invasive blade options
    • Optimal standard for TAVR procedures
  • Genesee Myocardial Needle Temperature Probes

    Myocardial Temperature Probes and Adapter Cables

    • Small needle diameter (22 gauge) allows for easy insertion
    • Available in 2100 and popular Y.S.I. 400 series
    • Needles available in 15mm, 30mm and 44mm
    • 6 ft. lead wire allows connection to be away from the patient, table and sterile field.
  • Genesee Reusable LocNess® Rakes


    • Small Atrial and Aortic Rake
    • Medium Atrial and Aortic Rake
    • Large Left Atrial Aortic Rake
    • Wide Atrial and Aortic Rake
    • Long Atrial and Aortic Rake
  • Genesee Tenderfoot® Epicardial Suction Cup Stabiliser Feet

    • Small, vertical right mount, non-occlusive
    • Small, vertical left mount, non-occlusive
    • Medium, vertical right mount, non-occlusive
    • Medium, vertical left mount, non-occlusive