• Cook® Biodesign™ Dural Graft

    Used as a dural substitute for repairing dura mater.

  • CryoLife PerClot®

    CryoLife PerClot®. A haemostatic powder that controls active bleeding in a wide array of surgical procedures.

    Safe – bioinert, 100% plant-based source; rapid absorption within 2-3 days

    Simple – off the shelf deployment with no preparation

    Effective – ultra-hydrophilic, hemostatic control

    Customised – for open and minimally invasive applications

  • Neurosign 100

    Nerve Monitoring System

    The simplest of the Neurosign range

    Defining the industry standard of intra-operative nerve monitoring
    The Neurosign range of intra-operative nerve monitors is dedicated to reducing the risk of nerve damage in surgical settings. With over 15 years experience of designing surgical equipment, we help you take advantage of the many benefits associated with identifying and protecting motor nerves. Neurosign monitors are designed for use in a wide variety of surgical procedures, from mastoidectomy to the removal of skull-base and spinal tumours.

    The simplest of the Neurosign range

    With 2 channels, powerful audio, an easy to understand display, and a built-in stimulator, the Neurosign 100 intra-operative nerve monitor is an excellent choice when a simple monitor is required for facial and laryngeal nerve monitoring. Neurosign 100 enables ENT surgeons to monitor the facial nerve during mastoidectomy and is used by general surgeons to monitor the recurrent and superior laryngeal nerves during procedures involving the thyroid gland. Neurosign 100 is also suitable to monitor the accessory, hypoglossal or trigeminal nerves individually.


    • Simplicity – easy to use controls
    • Versatility – suitable for a wide range of surgical procedures
    • Protection – helps prevent neural damage and improves procedural comfort for surgeon and patient

    Minimise surgical risk

    Neurosign nerve monitors give surgeons added assurance whilst carrying out a variety of surgical or medical procedures. As a cost-effective tool, Neurosign monitors provide the means to minimise the risk of error during surgery. Neurosign monitors give additional peace of mind to surgeon and patient alike.

  • Peter Lazic L-Fixation

    The innovative cranial fixation system

    The innovative system for skull closure following a craniotomy.
    With the L-Fixation System, the complete closure of the skull does not require any instruments thus -avoiding the risk of subsequent dura injury while simplifying the procedure.
    Skin irritations and sharp edges are eliminated, by having a predetermined breaking point engineered within the thread. Ana- tomical and cosmetic considerations were key-factors in designing the system. The development of this innovation was the result of close collaboration with neurosurgeons.


    The L-Fixation System is made of unalloyed titanium acc. ISO 5832-2 and of titanium alloy (threaded rod and sleeve only) acc. ISO 5832-3.

    Both implant materials meet the highest quality requirements. They can be used in MR scanners up to 3 Tesla, are non-ferro- magnetic and cause only minimal artifact during MR/CT.


    For quick determination of the size of skull closer required.


    For simple removal of the upper plate in revision-procedures.


    Specially designed storage and sterilization tray for the L-Fixation removing forceps and gauging tool.


    Each L-Fixation is delivered in sterile condition and is individually blister-packed. The secondary packaging contains 5 clamps and allows for easy removal.

  • Peter Lazic Prime Punch

    Prime Punch
    clever, simple, exible

    The Prime Punch is designed for the cleaning requirements of today. Once the shaft is pulled out of the handle, unscrew the spring system (A) to disassemble the lower and upper shaft.

    By pulling back and upwards on the upper shaft (B) you are able to disassemble the Shaft into four components:

    1. Upper Shaft
    2. Lower
    3. Pulling Wire
    4. Spring


    The shaft design enables a better view of the operating field during surgery. To insert the Shaft slide it back into the handle and match the lines on both parts to position 1. One handle and 30 different Shafts to insert.


    The Prime Punch gives you all the exibility you need. Seven different Positions between 90° Left cutting and up cutting can be adjusted with this easily convertible shaft system. The “Security Stop” between position 7 and 0 will prevent unintentional release of the shaft.