Perfusion Safety Products

  • Quest Medical Check Valve Manifolds

    Product Advantages:

    Manifold check valves prevent leakage One-way operations allow syringes to remain connected One-handed syringe injections Automatic in-line check valves ensure unidirectional flow Q2™ Injectable Cap enables needle-free luer connections Q2™ Injectable cap allows high flow rates through an unrestricted flow path Q2™ Injectable Cap maintains a sterile, closed delivery system

  • Quest Medical MPS2® Myocardial Protection System

    The Quest MPS2® Myocardial Protection System’s unique Auto-Regulated Pressure Control feature responds automatically to dynamic changes in coronary vascular resistance, which occur during the onset of arrest and fluctuate during cross-clamp.

    Quest MPS2® Capabilities: Targeted drug delivery without dilution, auto regulated pressure control, precision flow-rate control and full range temperature control.

  • Quest Medical Pressure Monitoring Separator

    Air liquid phase separator – a sterile interface is maintained during arterial line pressure monitoring
    Polypropylene diaphragm will not allow blood or fluid to enter the pressure gauge. Not a hydrophobic filter – will function wet or dry.

  • Quest Medical Purge Line

    Quest’s purge line allows air to be removed from the arterial filter during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. The one-way valve prevents air and retrograde flow from being pushed into the arterial filter as a result of pressurised cardiotomy reservoir. When open, a small volume of arterial blood is continuously shunted out of the filter through the purge line which carries away gaseous emboli to the cardiotomy reservoir.

  • Quest Medical Q-Flex® Infusion Systems

    Quest Medical offers unique needle-free technology for its Q-Flex Infusion Systems. With its unrestricted flow path, the Q2 is capable of delivering high flow rates within a non-tortuous pathway. Integrated checkvalves incorporated into the Q2 injectable cap provide the clinician security and peace of mind when administering IV fluids. Q-Flex is safe, flexible and convenient.

    Q2® Multiport® Manifold

    Ideal for cardiovascular, anaesthesia, critical care and oncology.

    Integrated gravity-activated back checkvalves
    Unrestricted fluid path
    Q2 Side ports maintain sterile barrier
    No replacement caps

  • Quest Medical RetroGuard® Arterial Check Valve

    Use RetroGuard to prevent retrograde flow in the arterial line when using a centrifugal pump.

    RetroGuard arterial check valve prvents retrograde flow in the arterial line when using a centrifugal pump. The one-way bicuspid valve stops retrograde flow to prevent the entrainment of air at the catheter site, suture holes and open vessels
    The RetroGuard valve is intended to be placed proximal to the arterial filter within the filter bypass loop. This positioning allows for post-operative recovery of line blood and retrograde flow flow if repriming is necessary.

  • Quest Medical Vacuum Relief Valves

    Quest’s vacuum relief valves are designed to facilitate safe left ventricular venting during on-pump heart surgeries. The triple action vent valves relieve excess negative pressure, prevent retrograde flow and relieve positive pressure in the left ventricular vent line.