• Kyra Comfort Stirrup

    The Innovative KYRA COMFORT™ 500 Stirrup

    • BETTER INFECTION CONTROL: Optional KYRA SECURE-LOKTM Closure Straps1 eliminate VELCRO® brand fastener straps and are designed to improve infection control.
    • UNPARALLELED PELVIC SITE ACCESS FOR ROBOTIC ASSISTED PROCEDURES: Wide lithotomy range of motion from +85 ̊ to -55 ̊. The unique patent pending design provides 22 ̊ more lithotomy range of motion than traditional stirrups.
    • NO MORE LOST CLAMPS MAKES LIFE EASIER IN TODAY’S MODERN OR: The Integrated KYRA Secure-Release™ Clamp solves the “lost clamp problem”. Easy to mount, easy to release, the Integrated KYRA Secure-Release™ Clamp makes life easier and less hectic for clinical staff.
    • MORE PRESSURE REDUCING PADDING TO ACCOMMODATE LARGER LEGS OF TO DAY’S PATIENTS: Kyra Medical’s unique stirrup design allows 1⁄2” more padding for pressure relief than traditional stirrups. Unlike traditional boot pads, Kyra’s pad protects the medial and lateral aspect of the ankle.
    • ELIMINATES DANGEROUS PINCH HAZARDS: KYRA Comfort Stirrup’s curved support rods eliminate dangerous pinch hazards that traditional stirrups present but without the use of hard to clean guards. The unique “blade design” also eliminates potential pinch hazards present when mounting traditional stirrups onto table rails.
    • BETTER INFECTION CONTROL: Optional KYRA Secure-Lok™ Closure Straps eliminate Velcro® BRAND straps and are designed to improve infection control.


    The KYRA Comfort™ 500 boot accommodates up to the 95th percentile leg size patients weighing 500 lb.
    The KYRA Comfort™ 500 boot accommodates heavier patients with smaller legs (patients weighing up to 500 lb.).

    Patient Weight Capacity: 500 lbs (227 kg)
    Lithotomy Range: +85° to –55°
    Abduction Range: +25° to –9°

  • The KYRA Purple Stirrup™ Cart

    The Only Stirrups that do not use Velcro

    • Stores most stirrups
    • Easy on the hands: The ergonomic handle with polished stainless steel tubes eliminates sharp edges.
    • Keeps stirrups secure: The cart is designed to isolate each stirrup and prevent damage during transport.
    • Eliminates cart wobble: The Purple Stirrup™ cart is easy to push or pull; premium casters help it stay “on track” reducing stress and strain.
    • Keeps clamps organised: With the clamp storage compartment.

    Does not attract lint and other contaminants, such as fluff from cotton blankets e.t.c.

    Cart Dimensions

    22”W x 23”D x 42”H – without stirrups
    26” x 26” x 49”H – with stirrups