Interventional Radiology

  • Cook® Spectrum® Turbo-Ject® Minocycline/Rifampin Power Injectable PICC

    Indicated for short- or long-term use for venous pressure monitoring, blood sampling, administration of drugs and fluids, and for use with power injectors for delivery of contrast in CT studies.


    Depth markings at every 1 cm help with insertion accuracy
    Orange color indicates Spectrum technology to help provide protection against CRBSIs
    Clearly marked hubs for clarity (Fr, gauge, CT power injection and lumen volume)
    Extension tube label identifies maximum CT flow rates
    Low-profile clamps
    Reverse-taper shaft effectively seals the insertion site. Note: 3 and 6 Fr models feature a minimal taper designed to be compatible with specific anatomies

  • Cook® Thal-Quick Abscess Drainage Set with Echotip® Introducer Needle

    Used for abscess drainage

    Large bore, clear polyvinylchloride catheter with radiopaque stripe is placed using the Seldinger technique
    Etched tip of needle cannula enhances visualisation of needle with ultrasound guidance
    Nine large, oval sideports facilitate drainage

  • Cook® TPN™ Catheter Repair Set

    Used to repair Cook TPN and TPN Redo catheters

    Cook TPN Catheter Repair Set components:

    Catheter assembly
    Luer needle stub
    Needleless injection cap
    Luer-lock plugs

  • Cook® TPN™ Catheter Set

    Used for intravenous administration of parenteral nutrition, chemotherapeutic agents, therapeutic drugs, and for blood sampling and blood delivery. Cook TPN catheters can be tunneled subcutaneously.

    Soft, flexible silicone catheter material provides optimum patient comfort
    Synthetic fibre cuff is affixed to catheter to allow tissue ingrowth
    Clearly marked colour-coded hubs allow for combination therapies in multilumen catheters

    Cook TPN Catheter Set components:

    Introducer needle
    Wire guide
    Peel-Away® sheath and dilator
    Disposable syringe
    Needleless injection cap

  • Cook® Turbo-Ject™ Power Injectable PICC

    With the introduction of the Turbo-ject PICC line, you can now power inject contrast media at an industry-best range of maximum flow rates, choose from multiple configurations and use the standard echogenic needle.

    Flow Rates and Configurations:

    The Turbo-Ject PICC meets diverse patient needs with an industry-best range of flow rates.

    Maximum flow rate of 7 cc/sec
    The first 4 French double lumen power injectable PICC
    Maximum pressure limit settings of 325 psi
    Echogenic needle standard. Specifically designed to enhance imaging while reducing potential vessel trauma

  • Cook® Universal Curved Drainage Catheter

    Ultrathane® with Intro-Tip Design™ and AQ® Hydrophilic Coating

    Used for abscess and other multi-purpose drainage applications

    The Intro-Tip design helps prevent the catheter from accordioning if resistance is met during insertion
    Ultrathane material has been found safe for use with ethyl alcohol
    The AQ hydrophilic coating, when activated becomes very lubricious, reducing the coefficient of friction during insertion
    Three large, oval sideports facilitate drainage.

  • Cook® Vital-Ject™ Power-Injectable Safety Infusion Set

    Intended to be used to administer solutions and medications through vascular implant ports. The Cook Medical Vital-Ject Safety Infusion Set is indicated for power injection of contrast media using a power-injectable vascular implant port. For power injection of contrast media, the maximum recommended infusion rate is 5mL/sec using contrast with a maximum viscosity of 11.8 cP.


    19 gauge, 1 inch noncoring needle preserves septum integrity
    Power injectable up to 5mL/sec
    Compatible with all Cook Medical power-injectable ports
    Latex- and DEHP-free tubing is 8 inches long (two 4 inch lengths)
    safety lock to prevent accidental needle punctures
    Easy-grip wings for ease of insertion into septum
    Needle free Y-site for secondary access (not power injectable)
    Includes female luer lock and pinch clamp

  • Cook® Vital-Port® Mini Titanium and Peripheral Mini Single-Chamber Systems

    The Vital-Port Vascular Access System is indicated for patient therapy requiring repeated vascular access for simultaneous or separate injection or infusion therapy and/or blood sampling

    Cook's smallest port is available with or without an introducer set.


    Height: 7.2mm

    Diameter: 19mm

    Septum: 6.6mm

    Weight: 5g

    Volume: .15mL

  • Cook® Vital-Port® Standard MRI Single Chamber Systems

    The Vital-Port Vascular Access System is indicated for patient therapy requiring repeated vascular access for simultaneous or separate injection or infusion therapy and/or blood sampling

    This standard-sized polysulfone port includes an attached or detached silicone catheter. The silicone catheter is available with inner diameter sizes of 1, 1.4 and 1.6mm.


    Height: 13.9mm

    Diameter: 31.5mm

    Septum: 12.7mm

    Weight: 8.1g

    Volume: .62mL

  • Cook® X-Reidy Breast Lesion Localisation Needle

    Used for preoperative marking of nonpalpable breast lesions

    X-shaped hook provides fixation and is intended to limit migration.
    3cm stiff portion of the shaft is easily palpated during surgery.
    Soft, flexible wire portion of the shaft is comfortable for the patient.
    Reinforced wire facilitates surgical procedure by aiding in locating the wire and is intended to reduce the possibility of accidentally cutting the wire.

  • Cook® Yueh Centesis Catheter Needle

    Used for percutaneous fluid aspiration

    Hollow stylet needle design permits aspiration of fluid prior to stylet removal
    Four sideports located on the distal tip of the catheter facilitate drainage within small cavities

  • HS Hospital Services® AMICA

    Ablation is a medical technique used to remove tissue from the body through radio-wave frequencies. It is used to treat many different medical problems, among its many applications are cardiac ablation, endometrial ablation, surface ablation and liver tumour removal

  • SecurAcath® Catheter Securement

    The New Standard of Care for Catheter Securement

    SecurAcath® provides improved catheter stability which reduces complications and total cost of patient care

    Decreased catheter replacement costs
    Decreased catheter movement or migration
    Improved efficiency
    360 degree site cleaning while secured
    Eliminates suture needle stick
    Comfortable for patients

    Click on link below for the following abstract:

    Evaluating safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of PICC securement by subcutaneously anchored stabilization device.

    PICC Securement Abstract Download