• VACO®pedes diabetic

    Optimized Care for the Diabetic Foot

    VACOpedes diabetic indications

    • Diabetic Foot Syndrome
    • Ulcerations on the foot
    • Post-operative care after toe amputations

    VACOpedes diabetic advantages at a glance

    • Immobilisation of the forefoot with full mobility in the ankle
    • Excellent pressure distribution due vacuum technology
    • Successful wound healing due to excellent pressure relief
    • Possibility of lockable clasp for a better compliance control
    • Easy wound inspection simplifies treatment
    • Rocker sole for good pressure distribution, safe and
    • physiological gait
    • Removable sole for better hygiene
    • Traceability by serial number simplifies logistic processes
    • Toe clap for protection and hygiene
    • Shapeable foam insole for additional offloading
    • Changeable liners for hygiene and comfort
      Adaptable. 3 sizes only (saves storage space)
  • VACO®talus

    For Stable Treatment of the Ankle Region

    VACOtalus Indications

    • Acute ankle ligament injuries
    • After-care for fractures of the ankle joint
    • Prevention of ligament lesions on the ankle joint
    • Compensation of ankle joint instability

    VACOtalus advantages at a glance

    • Optimised combination of effective stabilisation and superb wearing comfort
    • Tangible limitation of talar shift through the Talusstrap
    • Optimised treatment of swelling since the orthosis offers space to accommodate it
    • Excellent grip around the ankle area thanks to VACO12 cushion
    • Slim design to allow it to be worn easily inside a shoe