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Oscor® Adelante® Sigma Introducer Set with Haemostatic Valve

Product Information

The Adelante Sigma is the next generation in vascular access sheath introducers, featuring the latest haemostatic valve technology, for small to large devices.


  • Ergonomically designed hub
  • Reliable haemostatic seal to prevent blood loss and air embolism
  • Easy French size identification with colour coded hub abd 3-way stopcock
  • Kink resistant and flexible hydrophilic coated sheath for smooth insertion
  • Atraumatic tip of dilator provides smooth transition between dilator and sheath during insertion
  • Snap-fit dilator with French size indicator
  • Dilator with curve memory effect for easy sheath placement
  • Excellent visibility under fluoroscopy
  • Complete haemostasis during insertion and withdrawal of devices
  • Compatible guidewire 0.035″/0.89mm
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