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Oscor® Physique® Retractable Active Fixation Lead

Product Information

The Physique lead represents Oscor’s next generation of small profile endocardial permanent pacing leads with extendable/retractable active-fixation helix. With a lead body size of only 4.8F and a lead tip size of 7F, the Physique lead is the smalles extendable/retractable bipolar pacing lead available today.

Physique Active Fixation Lead Features

  • Straight and pre-formed J configurations available for ideal placement in the ventricle or atrium
  • Helix (1.5mm) allows for easy fixation of the screw in the myocardium
  • Hexafilar coil consists of two conductors connected to the anode and two conductors connected to the cathode
  • Each set of conductors are separated by a passive, non-electrically active filar for additional safety
  • Polyurethane outer insulation is highly reliable for long-term implantation while maintaining lead flexibility
  • The distal portion between the cathode and anode is highly flexible to help prevent perforation of the myocardium
  • Equipped with four side-view holes which are clearly visible under fluoroscopy when the screw is fully extended
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