Contrast Delivery Systems

  • Angiodroid® CO2 Injector

    Angiodroid is the new and innovative automatic and digital CO2 contrast injector dedicated to Interventional and Diagnostic Angiographic Peripheral Procedures.

    Angiodroid is the only device in the market that is:

    • 100% digital
    • 100% automatic
    • 100% safe
    • 100% user friendly

    Angiodroid provides a new complementary approach using both CO2 and iodine.  Physicians can deliver the most suitable contrast agent depending on the clinical history of the patient and the investigated body district.  The complementary approach can drastically reduce the dose of ICM, by injecting only 8-10ml per procedure.  The use of CO2 provides significant benefits and has a very low rate of complications as compared with using iodinated contrast alone.


  • Interventional Systems iFIX

    iFIX is a patient stabilisation system composed of both reusable and disposable components.  The disposable iFIX fleece is attached to a reusable anchor product.


    • Hygienic – no cross contamination (useful for MRSA cases)
    • Safe – secure, simple and intuitive
    • Multi-modality – CT, MRI, General X-Ray, Interventional Radiology/Cardiology, Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound
    • Efficient – virtually no cleaning time, fast user training