Salivary Duct Access

  • Cook® NCircle® Tipless Salivary Stone Extractor

    Easily remove stones while reducing trauma to the ductal wall with the patented, tipless NCircle extractor.

    Features and benefits:

    Tipless design
    The tipless configuration allows you to position the basket directly against the mucosal lining, which helps minimise trauma, reduce the risk of a ductal wall perforation and maintain a clear working field.

    Increased flexibility
    The flexible sheath allows continuous, full deflection of the endoscope during stone manipulation.

  • Cook® NGage® Salivary Stone Extractor

    The NGage nitinol stone extractor is not just a grasper or stone basket; it’s a combination of the two.

    Features and benefits:

    Dual performance
    NGage can hold stones like a basket and release them like a grasper, providing optimised control throughout the procedure.

    Patented design
    Its unique design allows you to engage, reposition, release and extract stones in certain locations throughout the salivary duc

  • Cook® Sialendoscopy Dilator Set

    Once you establish access using the Cook soft-tip wire guide, a series of flexible dilators can be introduced over the wire to easily expand the papilla and prepare the salivary duct for the introduction of procedural instruments.

  • Cook® Sialendoscopy Kolenda Introducer Sheath

    Create a true working channel

    After the dilator set is used to expand the papilla, the sheath can be passed over the wire to create an opening working channel into the salivary duct. The sheath also serves to protect the ductal wall, allowing easy insertion and removal of the procedural instruments.

  • Cook® Sialendoscopy Wire Guide

    Gain and maintain access with a wire guide

    Sialendoscopy starts with accessing the salivary duct through the papilla. A flexible Cook soft-tip wire guide can be easily manoeuvred into the duct. This guide allows you to easily gain and maintain ductal access throughout the procedure, reducing trauma and maximising efficiency.