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Cook® Shuttle Select® Carotid Artery Access System

Product Information

By combining the patented Flexor® Shuttle Select guiding sheath with the unique Slip-Cath selective catheter, Cook has created the ultimate carotid artery access system. The Shuttle Select System pairs a selective catheter with a specially designed guiding sheath in order to expedite sheath introduction through minimised device exchanges during carotid artery access

Tuohy-Borst Haemostasis Valve

Tuohy-Borst manual-adjusting valve seal permits unimpeded catheter or device introduction. closed valve position prevents blood reflux, air aspiration and movement of positioned device.

Slip-Cath Selective Catheter

  • Nylon catheter construction with stainless steel braiding provides superior torque control
  • Beacon® enhanced radiopaque tip iffers optimal visualisation of catheter tip during manipulation
  • AQ® hydrophilic coating on the distal 60cm facilitates introduction and selective vessel engagement

Flexor Shuttle Select Guiding Sheath

  • Patented Flexor sheath design provides maximum flexibility without kinking or compression
  • Stiffened proximal shaft design enables superior pushability and support for devices
  • Atraumatic tip with unique transition zone reduces vessel trauma
  • AQ® hydrophilic coating on the distal 50cm dramatically reduces friction during introduction and manipulation
  • Distal radiopaque band identifies precise location of tip for positioning accuracy.
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