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Peter Lazic Prime Punch

Product Information

Prime Punch
clever, simple, exible

The Prime Punch is designed for the cleaning requirements of today. Once the shaft is pulled out of the handle, unscrew the spring system (A) to disassemble the lower and upper shaft.

By pulling back and upwards on the upper shaft (B) you are able to disassemble the Shaft into four components:

  1. Upper Shaft
  2. Lower
  3. Pulling Wire
  4. Spring


The shaft design enables a better view of the operating field during surgery. To insert the Shaft slide it back into the handle and match the lines on both parts to position 1. One handle and 30 different Shafts to insert.


The Prime Punch gives you all the exibility you need. Seven different Positions between 90° Left cutting and up cutting can be adjusted with this easily convertible shaft system. The “Security Stop” between position 7 and 0 will prevent unintentional release of the shaft.

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