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Peter Lazic L-Fixation

Product Information

The innovative cranial fixation system

The innovative system for skull closure following a craniotomy.
With the L-Fixation System, the complete closure of the skull does not require any instruments thus -avoiding the risk of subsequent dura injury while simplifying the procedure.
Skin irritations and sharp edges are eliminated, by having a predetermined breaking point engineered within the thread. Ana- tomical and cosmetic considerations were key-factors in designing the system. The development of this innovation was the result of close collaboration with neurosurgeons.


The L-Fixation System is made of unalloyed titanium acc. ISO 5832-2 and of titanium alloy (threaded rod and sleeve only) acc. ISO 5832-3.

Both implant materials meet the highest quality requirements. They can be used in MR scanners up to 3 Tesla, are non-ferro- magnetic and cause only minimal artifact during MR/CT.


For quick determination of the size of skull closer required.


For simple removal of the upper plate in revision-procedures.


Specially designed storage and sterilization tray for the L-Fixation removing forceps and gauging tool.


Each L-Fixation is delivered in sterile condition and is individually blister-packed. The secondary packaging contains 5 clamps and allows for easy removal.

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